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I read an interesting book the other day by an author we haven’t heard from in a while.  Her name is Marcia Schafer and her book is called Spirconomics: How to Snatch Back the Future.  The sub-title is “How a Hidden Demographic Will Reshape the Emerging World”.

spironomics-marchia-schaferI really enjoyed Marcia’s last book: Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist which detailed her many cosmic and interdimensional contacts.  For years I have been fascinated by esoteric subjects like subtle energy, chakras, mediumship, UFOs, etc.

I didn’t start out this way, haha.  In fact, I was a left-brain Strategic Planning consultant unusually scared of those subjects and avoided them.  But then a series of strange events happened and I began a journey of discovery by way of explanation (you can read more here and here if you like).

Marcia Schafer via her husband, retired Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean, was one of many authors and practitioners I have sought out over the years. So when I received her email announcement about her new book I promptly ordered it to see what she’s now up to.

A Great Summary of Our Current Dilemmas:
Marcia’s new book didn’t tell me much I didn’t already know … as I’ve been consciously aware for years that I’m of the demographic she writes about. And I have crafted my life and career around that awareness (and continue to modify as I go) and help others do the same. However, Spirconomics did do a beautiful job of summarizing the current dilemmas that humanity faces and where it behooves us as a species to place our focus if we are to successfully navigate them.

So I thought her book and summaries may be of interest to some of you, especially those who have heard the deep siren call to action, but still aren’t specifically sure how you personally can be of service (where your sandbox is, so to speak). Or want to find other souls who are also playing in your area.

The 4 Horsemen Ushering in Our Future:
You’ll need to see her book for full detail, however here’s a quick summary of the four main drivers as Marcia’s sees them that are hurtling down on humanity:

The Seven Pillars of Societal Change:
And here are the seven pillars of society that she feels are drastically in need of change and that will vastly accelerate global change when true reforms happens within:

Business & Finance Reform
Almost everything that needs to happen has a side related to business. Aspirations for spiritual advancement don’t have to contradict commercial endeavors, and in fact can dovetail nicely if you have the right perspective and goals. Here we look at how business should be conducted from values to infrastructure, as well as the conundrum of how to invest to make a positive difference, especially in the midst of economic turmoil.

Environmental Reform
Sustainable living is a key word hovering on most people’s lips these days. How do we responsibly manage resources and also deal with the changing climactic and geo-political issues facing us? Alternative energy, water use, global weather changes, natural resource management, housing, food, gardening and more all fall within this sector.  Alongside those issues this is also about defending preservation of the natural world–living in harmony with nature and the animal kingdom.

Healthy Living Reform
This is all about living healthy in an unhealthy world. “Living clean” is a large umbrella, with integrative health, fitness and nutritional interests working as close allies here. Unfettered access to what is needed to live a vital life is crucial, including healthy foods that won’t sicken you and the development of innovative healthcare.

Media, Arts and Entertainment Reform
This trio of special interests combines because they don’t just entertain but shape opinions and influence behavior on a large scale. Thus, they have a vital role in molding cultures and impacting the rate of global reform. Right now this sector is tightly controlled by private interest consortiums that offer limited choices tied to their biased ideology rather than using this area as a tool to advance our human development. Whether it’s developing advances in the film industry, bringing a different daily news into your home, new uses for music, design & art, even the power of dance, these are just a few areas that can be leveraged differently to lead to something new and better.

Interspecies Relations Reform
For civilization to advance requires new understanding of other life forms, whether it’s those in the animal kingdom that currently share our world or the soon to be introduced beings that exist beyond our planetary borders. While our ancient ancestors understood the sacred relationship with allied species, this has long been lost.  Despite our aversion to the truth, both aliens and animals have much to teach us. Tackling consciousness and the hidden ways other beings communicate is of paramount importance, and this pillar of reform highlights helping man understand his real place alongside fellow species. Ushering into the open concrete information about the truth behind animal consciousness and communication, as well as extraterrestrial reality, are prime actions for pioneers attracted to this sector.

Education Reform
The future of any race lies in its youth, for they are the next generation of citizens who will carry forward. This area is for those wanting to educate our young beyond conventional practices with the goal of producing intelligent, productive, happy citizens who make good choices in life. The second layer is all about knowledge and training to optimize life for adult citizens–skills that can improve one’s lot, address emotional well-being and help people make smarter, wiser choices based on a better understanding of life.

Responsible Citizenry Reform
This is a challenging category because people, cultures, religions and governments vary in their expectations of how we should behave as individuals, as well as our responsibilities to the collective. Many variables compete to make this a complex arena, and it’s further complicated by the principle that humanity has to learn how to use free choice wisely to properly evolve into a mature being. But get ready, because man is about to redefine how he lives with his neighbors and exists in harmony with the environment. It’s all going to get started in collaborative sustainable living communities. These are the face of tomorrow and will tackle implications for tolerance and civic responsibility.


New Online Spirconomics Community:
Looks like Marcia will be soon launching an online community to bring interested people proactively together on these issues.  You can check out The Spirconomics Community here.

I myself will definitely join when it’s launched … to help support her effort and also find further like-minded (and hearted) community beyond what I luckily already have.  It’s important that more and more of us find one another as opposed to feeling alone in the wilderness!

As I contemplate my own mission/purpose and where I fit into her categories, I suppose I fall into the adult side of the education area.  However all of them are important to me, and thankfully I get to help a little with all 7 of them via the people I train and coach (given they fall across the spectrum).

It’s really wonderful to see collaborative efforts like this springing forth.  Keep listening to the siren call within YOU and find the focus that you are called to take action in. It’s important … for you and for our world at large.  Now is the time to get moving!

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