Karla Kadlec: Consciousness Consultant Follows Her Intuition To Our Graphic Facilitation Training


“My opinion on Fundamentals of Working Visually? I liked all of it!

I’ve known Christina Merkley for several years now, given I was one of her teachers in the Energy Work that is now emerging through her. Always intrigued with the visual way she works, I wanted to learn how to do it too and be also be held in her coaching container as I’m in the midst of an important crossroads in my own business.

There were great participants from a variety of geographies and backgrounds in attendance.  Christina provides helpful perspective on the various visual applications.  And is very capable at managing multiple levels of simultaneous needs.  The curriculum and learning transitions were purposeful and the depth of her practitioner and teaching experience and how she has honed each step of this workshop is apparent.

Karla Kadlec Sage Heart Healing Arts Clinic

Karla Kadlec
Sage Heart Healing Arts Clinic

I was not alone in being initially hesitation about the drawing part, however she ably helped us jump over our speed bumps and I experienced a breakthrough in how I view my artistic nature … I can do it! Since returning from the training I am really enjoying this new style of documentation, and so do my clients!

I also appreciated the gift of being the Visual Coaching volunteer, where Christina facilitated me through her SELF Inventory template as a demo. This vulnerable exercise had all of my cells tingling and kundalini moving. I’ve shared my map with my husband and relatives which helps them (and me) more fully understand the transformation I’m in the midst of. Very special!

The concept of ‘visual templates’ has been an especially useful takeaway.  I’m combing through my practice and identifying areas where I can create my own.  Thanks Christina, I’m glad I followed my intuition to attend!”

Karla Kadlec
Healing Arts Clinic | Consciousness Consultant and Trainer
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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