Lindsay’s Private Training: Emphasis on Graphic Recording

I run a variety of Public Trainings in beginner and advanced Visual Skills throughout the year (both online and in-person).  However some clients, for various reasons, prefer to reserve me all for themselves through my Private Training and Apprenticeship options.

That was the case this week with trainee Lindsay Risling.  Her First Nation organization employs independent Graphic Recorders who are crowd pleasers during their public and internal events.  Lindsay’s boss is the Communications Director who thought it would be a good idea to invest in developing the capacity in-house.

Lindsay flew into Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where I’m based.  I had a great time designing a customized training for her, putting special emphasis on the ways her organization can best use the skills.  They already knew about Graphic Recording (and wanted me to teach Lindsay that) but I could also see that given the work they do that Studio Work would come in handy too (being able to organize and push information effectively in their programs). As would true Graphic Facilitation (weaving visuals into facilitated processes that the organization does like their annual strategic planning and stakeholder interventions).  So I spent 2 days explaining these various applications to Lindsay and doing demos.  Then getting her up at the wall doing them too.

Learning Icons

Basics on Fast Doodles and Color

Working Virtually: Trying Out the Drawing Tablet

Fast demo of Graphic Recording – Scatter Technique.

Me at the Wall Showing Fast Coloring

Love the Wall Paper That Happens Bit by Bit

Our Doodle Wall

Her First Graphic Recording … Go Lindsay!

Scatter Technique … first half.

2nd Part of Live GR Demo Using Scatter Format.

Blatant Plug, haha

Demo of List Format

Demo of Mandala Format

Private Training is intense however it is a GREAT way to get up to speed on the skills quickly.  Lindsay left with an armful of charts rolled under her arm (to show her boss and colleagues) and with an enthusiasm and determination to apply her new found skills right away in an upcoming event they have planned next week. I will continue to mentor her via Distance Mentoring Sessions.

Interested In Learning How to Work Visually Too?!  Check out my Beginner and Advanced Training, available in a variety of in-person and online delivery methods.  If you have 10 or more people in your region or company, I can provide an In-House Training customized to your needs.

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