Jordan Besko Garn Integrates Working Visually Into Library Services


Jordan Besko Garn
Graphic Recorder

“I am so grateful to have personally attended Christina Merkley’s workshops in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The first training, Fundamentals of Working Visually gave me the confidence and tools to step up to the wall and pick up the markers. 

I next enrolled in the advanced level, Magic Marker Retreat for additional visual and listening skills from Christina and the inspiring group of Visual Process Practitioners from Canada, U.S.A, Europe and even China and Saudi Arabia. The workshops have helped me broaden my visual skills toolbox and gain confidence in my career and my own visual practice.

These courses are a natural transition for me. I come from a fine-arts and design background, and I enjoyed being able to tap into the right side of my brain visually while using the left side to guide my ears, body, and hands to synthesize and scribe at the wall.

Christina makes everyone feel at ease and creates a safe space to be yourself, which is exactly what you need when you are doing this type of visual process work.”

Jordan Besko Garn
Graphic Recorder / Visual Process Facilitator / Illustrator
Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada

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2 comments on “Jordan Besko Garn Integrates Working Visually Into Library Services

  1. Christina Merkley on

    Pleasure Jordan. Its exciting to see how you have taken to the visual work like a ‘duck to water’ as the saying goes. I think its really cool how your innovative library system gives you all sorts of places to use it and you have your own practice to boot as well. Well done 🙂

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