Happy New Year!

While it’s a difficult time in the world for many (Xmas and even New Year celebrations were restricted here in Canada) … I still love the energy of a brand new year, no matter what growing pains are happening.

I posted this on social media and am now sharing it here in the eZine, as it gets to the heart of what I want to express. I wish I knew the creator to give credit, but sadly it was on Telegram with no attribution. So whoever you are, well done!

This graphic depicts what I constantly am lucky to witness, as I hold space using my visual and internal arts with others.

As I help us literally see our lives, work, health, relationships, finances, perspectives on our current times, etc. — I over and over again get to experience the universe hugging us back, even (especially) during our most difficult times.

As we courageously meet the hard stuff within ourselves or what we project onto others and the world at large (overwhelm, grief, depression, worry, anger, hatred, violence, fear, guilt, frustration, boredom, etc.), there is a sweet reward for our perseverance and honesty.

We ultimately find and commune with the loving Stillness (call it what you will) that is there, at the ready, to embrace and hug us, and everyone. Love is there for all no matter how misguided and off-track we get at times on this eternal journey.

Recently, walking in the woods before the recent snowfall, I had another example of the essence of this.

I settled into a sunny spot for a bit. It was such a warm and peaceful feeling that I took several photos to capture the moment.

Upon examining them, there were distinct bright bits … little orbs that were in movement throughout the frames.

Yes, the Left Brain can chalk it up to camera distortions.

However, I like my Right Brain interpretation better — Elemental Beings making their presence known!

They, like Stillness, are always there around us, vibrating just out of usual sight. If we are lucky, we catch a fortunate glimpse that can hold us in good stead during trying times! Reminding us that there is more around us than we can ordinarily see. That is the beautiful, mysterious and high vibe.

May Stillness and Elemental Beings grace your path as we enter into 2022 and collectively manifest what’s next on this majestic spinning globe!!!

As I segue into a new semester at my little SHIFT-IT School, scroll the newsletter below for details on the upcoming season.

Some strong and true favorites are back for another round. Plus a brand new course on cryptocurrencies with a new co-host, Chanel Monk, whom I’m delighted to partner with. Also, see the Graduate Spotlight below for another Certified Visual Coach welcomed into the fold – well done Kassie Layne!

Yours in Shifting It,

Christina Merkley,
Visual Facilitator and Coach


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