Spring has just sprung here in beautiful British Columbia, Canada – yippee!

So nice to get outdoors and move my body. Give a counterbalance to all the sitting at computers and drawing tablets.

Celebrated Chanel Monk’s (my crypto co-host) birthday by going dirt biking recently. Haha, what fun! Turns out the main clientele for Dirt Bike Adventures is women. So empowering to ride … just like cryptos!

christina merkley, chanel monk and louisa on their dirt bikes in the forest of vancouver island

Christina, Chanel and Louisa

Note from Christina merkley exploring Vancouver Island British Columbia

Good times!

Chanel and I had a blast with our Shift into Cryptos course – thanks to all of you who joined us live. Such a great cohort from all over, motivated by many reasons.

We now have that course available as a Home Study Kit. Good for crypto newbies or anyone who wants to better understand the centralization versus decentralization battle in our world.

This Friday we launch Dove Club, our crypto mastermind for the rest of 2022. Open to our participants (grab the Kit if you missed the course). Also for those who have crypto knowledge or experience from elsewhere, who want to be a part of a supportive community during these adrenaline times.

5 different bitcoins in a row

Some feel me doing these courses is an odd departure from my usual. I get that. However, cryptos fit beautifully with the big picture and futurism of my usual work.

As a young Graphic Recorder, I doodled my way through Web 2.0. Now as a seasoned process salt, I’m noting Web 3.0 accordingly.

Plus, spirituality is deeply woven throughout, as is everything I do/be nowadays. As one needs to keep grounded with an eye to the soul journey too. Our souls picked such a specific time to incarnate!

square foot gardening book and planting planner for spring garden

Mapping My Garden Plan

deer proofed vegetable garden setup with new plants and cedar boxes surounded by fencing

Soil and Seedling Prep

Dove Club is my last launch for a few months. As per my custom, I like to taper down for the summer. That includes puttering in my little deer-proof garden.

I’m implementing the Square Foot Gardening approach this year. Located a Gardening Coach to help me with strategy and succession efficiencies too. Who knows, maybe a Shift into Gardening course is next!

red tulips and grape hyacinth in bloom in a rusted old bathtube

Tub Full of Tulips

weathered wooden carving of buddha in the salal bushes of christina merkley's garden on vancouver island

Buddha in the Salal

See below for upcoming fall courses including Visual Coach Certification. Plus, kudos to Peggy Frank on her credential.

Also, a great “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If” session with Julia … who desires to become a Facilitator of the World. Good for you, we need as many of those as we can get right now!

Yours in Shifting It,

Christina Merkley,
Visual Coaching and Satsangs

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