It’s my pleasure to spotlight Rio Holaday, and her visual offerings, including Visual Coaching.

Visual Coach graduate Rio Holaday smiling with her hair up in black and white photoRio entered Visual Coach Certification as a talented Graphic Recorder and Facilitator in the Health Equity and Racial Justice arenas. Already knowing how visuals help people to connect at a different level – other ways of knowing.

In a transition, she was looking ‘for more’, specifically information and modeling on how to host important conversations with her clients … about their own transformations. Moving behind the cognitive into intuition and emotion too

It was wonderful to help Rio engage more deeply with individuals, through the arc of my SHIFT-IT tools, including the introduction to parts and somatic approaches – an important complement to linear thinking.

Rio’s specialty niche is helping BIPOC folks “name and tame their shit” (her wording!),  in order to pursue and grow healing-centered callings with confidence, and bring us all closer to justice and liberation. She views personal healing work as “structural work”. Getting the internal in order, to imagine a different future than we are in, to make external, systemic change happen.

Thanks so much Rio for finding your way to SHIFT-IT, and so aptly applying the tools in your flair!

Rio Holaday
Northern California, USA


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