Twice a year I offer the Private Visual Satsang, in the extended 16-week format.

Satsang is Sanskrit for “community of true people”.

It’s a small private cohort dedicated to mature Inner Work, during these intense and polarizing times.

This new cohort has been quietly filling up on its own. Folks familiar with the container come repeatedly, and new joiners are welcome too.

table filled with colourful markers and painted stones inscribed with Love. banner for private visual satsang starting march 18, 2023


Satsangs are really beautiful containers. They are a special place we bring our highs and our lows. And everything in between.

Everything is welcomed and met. Non-dual. Oneness.

We do mature ‘emotional processing’ in Satsang, using a variety of visual processing methods – Self Inquiry, Polarities, Constellations, Orphan Rescue, plus many of my Visual Coaching maps.

Christina Merkley cartoon of her hnds at a desk drawing a Visual Map

All sorts of topics are processed: purpose, mission, work, finances, relationships, health, mortality, politics, relationships, social justice, war, and all manner of current events … any and every issue or topic is fair game.

We don’t always agree on everything. In fact, Satsang Members sometimes hold polar opposite views from one another. Which acts as a useful portal for deep inner work, on both sides of a polarity.

By visually processing together, we have the incredible and rare opportunity to be ‘let under the hood’. To deeply see inside the history, context and inner world of our fellow Human Beings.

Cartoon of Christina Merkley at her tablet drawing a visual map

In doing so our Hearts are increasingly opened and our Minds gain more nuanced understanding on the human condition, both individually and collectively.

As a long-time Facilitator, that’s something I strongly believe we need more of in the world nowadays!

Looking forward to this cohort launching and seeing what we get into. As we do not live in boring times, I’m sure this one too will be fascinating and pragmatic!

Satsangs are really beautiful containers. They are a special place we bring our highs and our lows. And everything in between.


Christina Merkley
Visual Coaching and Satsangs

P.S. Have you done my SHIFT-IT and/or Practical Energy Work programs? If so, this Visual Satsang extends into even deeper terrain.

P.P.S. Satsangs are also useful for my Certified Visual Coaches (or those in the process of becoming), as you experience the advanced protocols in action.

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