Certified visual coach spotlight on Elise Crespin of Germany shows Elise smiling from a whiteboard filled with her visual map drawingElise’s world is multiple … She’s French and German, both analytical and creative, a mother of two boys, and an independent entrepreneur working in five different languages. As a visual facilitator, she uses her creative gift to help groups reveal their potential.

A graduate from Paris-Sorbonne in Communication and Marketing, she came to my Visual Coaching programs as a mid-career professional. She has significant experience in both operational and managerial roles in the fields of Market Research and Professional Training, in France, the UK, Italy, Germany and Russia. Working with groups, and offering “thinking and dialogue containers” for corporations has been her home for the last 20 years.

Working together doodle with a bunch of hands reaching together.Also didn’t hurt that she’s had a pencil in her hand since the age of one, given both her mother, her grandfather and great-grandfather were artists, so the power of art flows just in her veins. And so in her free time, she illustrates children’s books.

Passionate about both fairy and folk tales, she combines it all with her solid experience working with businesses and has developed a model to coach project teams.

When Covid hit, she realised working with groups was somehow not enough. She felt the urge to add one-to-one visual work to her offerings in addition to the graphic facilitation work she already does in idea generation, visioning, planning, values and the like. Using her talents of lettering, structuring and drawing, in meaningful ways in addition to her corporate work.

As she says:

“We have “it all” within us. It’s beautiful to see how visual thinking tools can make a BIG contribution and soothe sufferings. I am mid-path and now have lots of tools, it’s time for transmission… these tools are a gift to help waking people up. I help the world by listening, accompanying, being there and supporting. My gift is facilitating AND working with emotions.

I am working with the caterpillar in people, whatever frustration lies within them and needs to be transformed. Help them unlock their potential, professionally and personally. Given my travel and multi-cultures, I work with others who have that challenge and opportunity too.

The SHIFT-IT Maps in Visual Coach Certification are structured yet spontaneous, with beautiful space within. Clients can literally hold them in your hands and see them emerge before their eyes. You never know what the session will bring but each has a gift within. Not traditional coaching…on the contrary, it’s a discussion, dialogue and dance.

Deep transformation happens and it’s a long-term process if you do all the maps together. One client signed an apartment for herself and increased her client base and independent income. Another, a young man, totally bloomed, went through an inner transformation and now is in a long-term relationship and pursuing his dream of a co-working space in a barn. I’m also helping women become mothers in later life and not give up their professional careers, just like I did. It is possible.

In adding this very personal work to my sales funnel, I feel complete, dancing to the right music, and very liberated! It feels just natural to me to spread this energy and helps others around me find their true selves and hopefully make the world a tinge more colourful.”

Elise Crespin
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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