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Certified visual coach spotlight on Elise Crespin of Germany shows Elise smiling from a whiteboard filled with her visual map drawing

Elise’s world is multiple … She’s French and German, both analytical and creative, a mother of two boys, and an independent entrepreneur working in five different languages. As a visual facilitator, she uses her creative gift to help groups reveal their potential. A graduate from Paris-Sorbonne in Communication and Marketing, she came to my Visual… Read more »

Bruce Hostetter: On Fundamentals of Working Visually Workshop

WAS EVERYTHING I EXPECTED IT TO BE AND MORE “The 3-day on the ground Fundamentals of Working Visually was everything I expected it to be and more. I think we were all impressed with how quickly we were creating full-size graphics and able to be very self-directed once we received basic instruction. I can see… Read more »