Graphic Facilitation FAQs: Free 90-Minute Info Webinar


Work Visually With Groups And Individuals: Studio Work, Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording and Graphic Coaching”

Graphic Facilitation FAQ


  • Are You An Organizational Leader, Consultant, Manager, Facilitator, Coach, Therapist or Other Process Professional? Or Designer, Illustrator, Artist or Other Creative?
  • Are You Intrigued by the Visual Way of Working and Want to Learn More About This Powerful Way to Engage Groups and Individuals?
  • Are You On the Lookout for Effective Techniques for Your Process Toolkit … To Add More Professionalism, Pizzazz & Passion To Your Work (whether you are internal or external)?
Christina Merkley, M.A. Interactive-Visuals Mentor

Christina Merkley, M.A. Graphic Facilitation Mentor

Join me, Christina Merkley, M.A., an internationally recognized Graphic Facilitation teacher for an informative, fun and info-packed webinar on using visuals in consulting, management, facilitation, training, speaking, coaching, and counseling settings.

In this FREE 90-MINUTE WEBINAR I share:

  • The Benefits of Working Visually;
  • What The Four Main Applications of Interactive-Visuals Work Are;
  • Examples From My 20 Year Career;
  • Tips for Adding ‘Visuals’ to Your Own Professional Practice;
  • Further Opportunities to Develop Your Skills;

… and more!

The Visual Techniques Can Be Applied To A Whole
Myriad Of Group & Personal Processes …

… brainstorming/idea generation, strategic planning and visioning, scenario planning, conflict resolution/mediation techniques, diversity, succession planning, entrepreneur/partner heart-to-hearts, family councils, community design charrettes, life and business coaching, etc.

Not familiar with Graphic Facilitation training, Graphic Recording and/or Graphic Coaching? Below are a few examples to give you an idea of what this highly original, creative and effective way of working is all about (these are just a sprinkling of some of the ways visuals can be used … I’ll explain these maps and share other examples on the webinar) …

PRE-PREPARED STUDIO MATERIALS (make custom maps, charts, explainer videos and other visual materials in advance of an event or intervention to help you ‘tell a story’ or communicate strategic information):

Historical Map of Interactive-Visuals Field (large view)

Model / Flowchart for Training Purposes (large view)

Case Study Mural / Sales Chart for Consultant (large view)

Agenda Chart from Training Workshop ( large view)
Visual Bio worksheet
“Visual Bio” for Workshop Leader, Part 1 (large view)

“Visual Bio” for Workshop Leader, Part 2 (large view)

GRAPHIC RECORDING (make live, spontaneous summaries of emergent thinking in conferences, meetings, clients huddles, etc … from blank paper):

Graphic Recording at Philanthropy (large view)

Graphic Recorders speakers presentation

Graphic Recording of Speaker’s Presentation (large view)

Graphic Recording of Conference Opening & Keynote Speech (large view)

GRAPHIC FACILITATION (work visually with corporate, not-for-profit, community and other groups – collectively assemble the big picture to make informed and shared agreements via strategic planning, mediation, scenario, future search and other processes

School District Strategic Planning Session

Graphic Facilitation: Using Graphic Guide from Grove Consultants (large view)

My passion work! Work one-to-one with individuals, couples and partners on coaching, counseling and other personal growth applications – life maps, personal visioning, identifying and erasing resistance, action plans etc.):

Life Map for Coaching Client, Part One (large view)

Life Map for Coaching Client, Part Two (large view)

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    Yours in Visual Expansion,

    The SHIFT-IT Coach &
    Graphic Facilitation Mentor

    P.S. Interested to learn these valuable skills to add to your own Process Toolkit? FYI, my Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals workshop is offered online (twice a year) and in-person (in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada). Plus we now offer a Home Study Kit for immediate access.  Private Trainings and In-Depth Apprenticeships and In-House Workshops also available.

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