[Tree Change Dolls] A Sign of an Important SHIFT in Perceptions of Female Beauty for Little (and Big) Girls

This crossed my desk and I’m happy to share. Beautiful little video about one woman’s life long love of dolls and the surprising inspiration she got — and the viral reaction across the internet to that inspiration.

Quite the transformation don’t ya think?!

This is a great SHIFT-IT example of one woman who was open enough to follow her inspiration, even if she felt silly about and didn’t quite understand why she felt the impulse to create. And because she was courageous enough to follow that inspiration (even if it didn’t make left brain, logical sense) it connected with the right brains (emotion, creativity, heart) of others around the world too.

A good reminder to follow our right-brain inspirations, even (especially) when they feel silly. We never know where they will lead. Worse case scenario is WE FEEL REALLY GOOD and have fun.   Which is actually a very big deal energy wise, revolutionary even … for ourself and for the world. We need that vibe to counter the downers being pushed on us. Imagination, creativity, heart, care, love … all super important wherever we can muster ‘em!

I’m a big stickler about emphasizing the role and importance of INSPIRATION, especially in regards to business.

Inspiration is the very first step in my Biz Essentials for Process Professionals Model … that share with my clients who want to build process practices in the $50-300K range. Cause everything starts there in my opinion, especially for solopreneur micro businesses where the motivation to keep going is best linked to something you truly have care and passion about.

Its cute her comments at the end … she’s suddenly faced with the whole predicament of whether or not to capitalize around her idea and how the heck to do that. And it goes way beyond $300K potentially, so her ideas about partnering with the big boys.

Hopefully this will get the attention of doll makers out there, that there is a market beyond the sexed up, overly made up gargoyles they are currently producing for our kiddies. Uggggg, did I word that too strongly? … Nope.

Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach | And Graphic Facilitation Training

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