Adventures in 21st Century Messiness

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Running SHIFT-IT School and conducting my own Process Practice is hard work. Its work that I truly love and work I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to be able to do, but its hard work nonetheless.  That takes a lot out of me on various levels so it’s important I take time to replenish.

Thankfully there are two times in my year (December and August) where I can get some needed R&R (rest and relaxation) and where I can also get in some R&D (research and development) on topics that are my leading edge.

Right now, I’m very interested in how to more graciously handle ‘messiness’ … especially on subjects that it seems that I (or most individuals) have no or very little control over.

Just how the heck do I (and we) physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually deal with the big messiness of our current situation here in the 21st Century at this point in time?! 

So below are my three adventures this month, while I have some time to putter, that are an attempt to create some headway for myself on this huge question …

1. Books To Help Deal with the Mess:
As I wrote last issue, my August break gives me a chance to read (I collect books, knowing that eventually it will be the right time to read them).  The books I shared last time from Selig, Silver and Singer all address various ways to deal with this messiness, or at least I had hoped they would.

some booksI have absolutely adored the Selig books (am in the middle of the 4th one) and marvel at how they dovetail into various metaphysical practices I have already studied. I was also charmed with the breezy yet illustrative stories within Silver’s book, especially the frequent references to San Francisco (brought back memories of my years in that special city).

And while I enjoyed one of the Singer books (the memoire of his business life), I find myself resisting his other one. After I listened to several of his audio lectures I’m leery of his seeming ‘just say yes to life’ approach.

I understand at the spiritual level how it’s futile to argue with what is.  However, as a Process Professional I find it tough to release the need to protest perceived injustice and to not take action to try to make things better. That last Singer book is gonna sit on the shelf a while longer!

2. A Method to Process the Mess:
Back in grad school eons ago, I studied some of the deep psychology work of Arnold Mindell that existed at that time. Now, all these years later, I’m swinging back again as he and the many other practitioners now in the ProcessWork and WorldWork field have some very useful processes, tools and info to share on this subject of messiness.

deepdemocracyOne of my visual students from about a decade ago, Aftab Erfan, is holding the Deep Democracy space both in Vancouver and abroad.  She came to Victoria last Saturday to host a Civic Dialogue on the topic of Privilege.

I jumped at the chance to attend … to see her, see several friends, colleagues and clients who were also attending, and to experience the Deep Democracy methodology to deepen my own learning and awareness.

The short time allocated only allowed a brief taste of this intense work.  What I took away was the importance (and gift) of hearing and speaking the tough perspectives embedded in these messy topics, as a step towards reconciliation.  In some ways the Deep Democracy work reminded me of Voice Dialogue, Sub-Personality work as well as Primordial Polarity methods — however done in a group rather than with just an individual.

If you want to learn more about the Deep Democracy approach here are a few videos.  One from Mindell and one from Myrna Lewis of South Africa, who’s method Aftab was facilitating.

Arnold Mindell on WorldWork and Deep Democracy:

Myrna Lewis: Mining the Gold of Conflict:

3. A Conference About the Secret Mess:
My third adventure into messiness is on a topic that some might be surprised by: the idea of a military/industrial/corporate elite secretly keeping important info, resources and technology hidden from the rest of us.  Talk about privilege!

If it’s true, how do we as a society successfully deal with this scenario including appropriate handling of the bad guys to bring about truth and reconciliation?  And, how do billions of people make a paradigm shift regarding where the fields of science, technology, politics, economics, health and even religion really stand … all at the same time?!  Talk about the mother of all transition and change management dilemmas!

By the time you read this (I wrote it a few days ago), my butt will be sitting in an uncomfortable fold up chair listening to a lecture at this Summer Conference on The Secret Space Program.  I’m going with an open mind, camping gear and my buddy Laura Leon (a partner in some of the more esoteric Energy Work I do).


I’ve really appreciated Michael Salla’s work (he’s a retired university professor on International Relations who’s now covers Exopolitics … relations between civilizations). So I look forward to hearing him in person.

Plus Laura Eisenhower has been on my radar screen for a few years now (she gave a great interview for my Practical Energy Work course). I look forward to hearing where she and her perspective now are (she’s an intuitive and the great granddaughter of American President Dwight Eisenhower who originally warned of the secret control complex).

comsicdisclosureAnd I, like thousands of others (supposedly more than the viewership of CNN) have been following Corey Goode’s Cosmic Disclosure series on Gaia TV this last year (along the lines of the Ancient Aliens show but minus the ridicule). I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Corey in person and hear his thoughts.

If you don’t already know, Corey has quite the story about what is out there in space already, including technology controlled by the military / industrial / corporate elites that could revolutionize many of the messes that keep us less privileged folks awake and worrying at night.

I may be completely off my rocket for considering such topics and traveling to groovy Mount Shasta to hear these folks. However I’m willing to take that chance as my heart yearns for anything that focuses on a positive future (individually and collectively) for all human beings.

I’ll let you know in a future issue how it goes!  In the meantime, see Why I Attended Contact in the Desert, Are You Working for Light or Dark and A Graphic Tool for Planetary Visioning for related articles.

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