AOC Schooled By NFL’s Justin Jackson On Forcing Medicare4All

Jimmy Dore gets so worked up that I worry for his body and nervous system. However free Medicare-for-all for Americans is an important thing to get worked up about. Agree, if they can’t come up with it in the middle of a pandemic, when will they. So-called progressives and liberals won’t properly fight for it. Oh, the things I hear from some of my American colleagues and clients about the stress, fear, and financial pressures they have to suffer. As a Canadian, the medical system I can tap into isn’t always perfect but thank goodness it exists, for all Canadians. Everyone in the world should have this same right. It is the ‘great unmasking’. Justin Jackson is so clear, compassionate, and strong. Born out of his loss of his mother at a young age. Another example of ‘your story is your greatest asset’. Didn’t know Dore himself went bankrupt due to a medical crisis despite having the so-called best of insurance. Uggghhh. This is so not right. Same for not passing stimulus packages. Oh, may a shift come on these important areas. May the people who are supposed to be progressives actually start acting like ones. shift. shift. shift. shift. shift.

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