Now For A Story Of ‘Doing What You Love’

A few days ago one of my Visual-Coaches-in-Training posted about her client’s doubts about being able to do ‘what she loves’.

Which echoed some of this coach’s own doubts of a similar nature.

As someone who has (and continues) to go through the journey of ‘doing what one loves’ … I understand and have empathy for the fun, magical, challenging, and realistic path of being brave enough to pursue your interests, no matter how unique they may be.

As it wasn’t that long ago (and still continues to some extent today) that folks thought that doodling during facilitation and coaching is nuts.

Thankfully after almost 25 years of doing it, the practice has gone mainstream. across the globe (even as the pandemic morphs us into the digital environment).

Somewhere along the line during Covid, I stumbled across this quirky YouTuber who runs a fox rescue.

Listen in if you care to about her journey of doing what she loves. It’s a great story, that she tells feeding two of her foxes.
And if you ever need a laugh or a good distraction, come back to her channel for the Finnegan Fox videos.

OMG, my Inner Child just loves his laugh. And given the success of her channel, there are many out there who love it too.
Laughing foxes is a pandemic medicine!

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