Visual Coaching – Video: Open Your Eyes, The Gift Is All Around You

During these shifting times, my Seva is to help folks think and feel on their most pressing topics. I offer Process Popups (every few weeks) and Recorded Visual Coaching Sessions (as my schedule allows).

Below is the next session to be publicly published. If you are waiting for yours, thanks for your patience as we make our way through the queue.


Peggy is in my Visual Coach Certification, to learn techniques and tools for her own private practice.  She swung by for help to meet her Future Self… given she’s afraid to take the trip on her own.

She starts with a Vision Board of meaningful images assembled by her subconscious. Then we travel to May 2023 to meet her Future Self, nestled under a shady rock in the African desert.

Her Future Self has published her book ‘There Are Things That Cannot be Changed’. There is still some big work left to do – a project.

Future Self offers the gift of SEEING. Of incredible vision. There are many events happening in the world. However, what is important is calmness of mind and peace within. Becoming fully present.

Future Self briskly affirms that Peggy is indeed on the path she is supposed to be on. She implores her to “Open Your Eyes… The Gift Is All Around You“.

Wise instruction not only for Peggy but for all of us who are privileged to listen in on this remarkable session. Thank you Peggy. And thank you Peggy’s Future Self. Namaste!

Session Map:

Online YouTube video coaching Open your eyes the gift is all around you

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Public and private options here.

Of course you can!  See SHIFT-IT School for trainings and study kits.

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