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Visual Coaching – Video: Open Your Eyes, The Gift Is All Around You

Online YouTube video coaching Open your eyes the gift is all around you

During these shifting times, my Seva is to help folks think and feel on their most pressing topics. I offer Process Popups (every few weeks) and Recorded Visual Coaching Sessions (as my schedule allows). Below is the next session to be publicly published. If you are waiting for yours, thanks for your patience as we make our way through… Read more »


Online Process Group #5 – COVID (April 9, 2020 – Visual Coaching).  By virtue of being human we have extraordinary abilities to focus and create.  Learn how to vision and embody at five distinct levels: individual, duo, group, planet and galaxy. With companion ‘Magnetism Maps’ to do it visually! Session Audio: Maps: Magnetism Map: Individual:… Read more »


Processing Pop-Up #1 for Visual Skills students and colleagues on March 12, 2020. We shared fast moving developments from Europe and North America as meetings (our livelihood) are being cancelled everywhere. Christina facilitated a group ‘Flip It: Flip It Good’ exercise – drawing out collective fears (devils) and finding authentic counters (angels). As well as… Read more »

Visuals to Honour a Loved One’s Passing

Audio Version: Click Player to Stream or Right Click on Link to Download. For full Audio Library of Past Messages, Click Here Download MP3 2014 was launched with a very special experience, the passing of my lovely Aunt Rose Mary, after a long illness … just 5 days into the year. As such, I’ve been… Read more »