Another month has flown by, therefore time for another eZine.

I had Heather Stone, a wonderful photographer, come for a shoot. To update photos, given my office has gone through some changes.

Christina Merkley working at her tablet while leading a public satsang session

Updated My Tech

Christina Merkley working at her tablet sketching in her office surounded by technology

Great Light with a Forest View

I left the art cooperative I was in, due to irreconcilable differences (no thank you to municipal politics) and am back in my home office.

I also upgraded a bunch of technology – computer, lights, sound, monitors, etc. Streamdeck software, you are next!

Plus am moving the forums for my online courses to the integrated Sutra platform (thank you Jill). We’ll be beta testing it with the upcoming fall classes.

Red leaves photo against the tall evergreen forests of vancouver island

Back Yard Peace

Christina merkley's feet up in her Metchosin BC woods backyard. Taking a break with a book - White Fire. Trees in the background and wide lawn

Non-Dual Hermitage

I, like a lot of us, have a love/hate relationship with technology. I work a lot online, but I live in the woods. I research and invest in Web 3.0 tech, but I intend to use any profits to build real-world co-housing.

In Dove Club (my advanced crypto mastermind with Chanel Monk), we are discussing jointly buying land in a metaverse. But I wrestle with the ethical dilemma of immersive tech, and it’s addictive, let alone authoritarian potentialities.

We as a species, individually and collectively, somehow need to QUICKLY marry our tech with wisdom. Tricky, as we are a collective with many different takes on what wisdom is.

garden bounty - lettuce leaves and herbs in the colander on a granite countertop

Early Garden Bounty

large forest ferns of woods in Metchosin British Columbia

Luscious Ferns – Must Paint Them Soon!

Oy vey, we did not incarnate into boring times, did we?!

That is a glimpse into my evolving world. I’ll be back next month with another update. Stay tuned as to whether, or how, I integrate the synthetic/organic polarity.

See below for details on the fall semester, as I’ve set dates. I’m keeping it simple with just three core courses.

Also, a grad spotlight and labyrinth debut from Erin Campbell Howell. Plus, a great Visual Coaching Video with Abbey … wrestling with whether to get a PhD or not and how her desire for motherhood fits in. Really lovely session!

Yours in Shifting It,

Christina Merkley,
Visual Coaching and Satsangs

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