A note from Christina banner of puppy Presley running on the beach with the clouds and olympic mountains as a backdrop for the water and waves on a sunny day.

Thunder is rolling in as I type. An oddity for these parts. The sky is going gray and the wind is picking up. Rain is dumping. Summer of 2023 is being a smidge dramatic here in British Columbia as it closes out.

August has flown by. I was intending on taking the month off. Which I did from my coaching practice for the most part. However, I needed to prep courses and refresh my sites for Fall and 2024. So, Lisa and I hunkered down to get things done. She from an Ontario cottage and me from my Metchosin backyard, with a long extension cord.

There are still a few things to attend to, however, for the most part, we accomplished what we set out to. You can see what’s coming in the Shift It School section below.

Additionally, a batch of in-person work appeared, after a long hiatus of mostly working online. I did a private retreat (for a thoughtful educator), a private training (for a dynamic duo), and a partnership facilitation (for a leadership team prepping for Fall). So fun to be working with paper and markers again!

I also started going to yoga this month, as a way to bring fuller movement to my sweet body. It works so hard for me, drawing map after map and sitting for way too long at my digital tablet.

Oh my is it ever a humbling practice! I do not bend like I used to. My inner teenager is very judgmental about the state of my current fitness.

The studio is in a mall over top of where my high school used to be. One of the yoginis is a dear friend from junior high basketball. It’s lovely to see her again after all these years. Both of us had our global adventures and then returned back to our beautiful home town.

This month’s Grad Spotlight is funnily enough also a high school alum. The intrepid Kristin Wiens, whose wonderful Daily Doodle and Inclusion Graphics have travelled the world.

Wishing you all the best as you segue into Fall (or Spring) depending on where your feet hit the ground.

Soon enough we’ll see what the Fall has in store for us. I have a feeling that processing is going to be needed!

Yours in Shifting It,

Christina Merkley,
Visual Coaching and Satsangs

P.S. I didn’t do a Public Satsang in August (the recording from the July gathering is below). I really have missed processing, especially Self Inquiry, as I get so much parallel processing done. I’ve set the September gathering (#62!), for the 21st at 10 am Pacific Time. Drop on by if you’d like to have head, heart and belly energetically aligned.

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