visual coach graduate spotlight on Kristin Wiens banner with Kristin in a circle of white, against a turquoise line art of the ocean and an anchor created by Kristin WiensI appreciate all our Certified Visual Coaches, however I have to admit to an extra special fondness for Kristin, given we went to the same high school back in the day … and she went on to do great work in our local school district, much of it visually!

Kristin’s passion work is Inclusion and the development of Education Assistants.

When she came to my Fundamentals of Working Visually workshop, she was already working with the MAPS/PATHS processes (person-centered planning with visuals). However, she attributes my course to “opening a whole new world”.

It’s been really amazing watching her trajectory over these last years, as she’s expanded into illustration, info graphics, facilitation and coaching too. Even deep inner work, as she’s a wonderful manifester and humbly powerful attendee of Visual Satsang too.

“I’m surprised how confident I have become in holding space. I trust in myself and the process more. There is such ease to my work now, and even in in my life overall.
I have speaking engagements that incorporate examination and inner wisdom, and get paid for my Info Graphics now. I think of myself as a ‘Knowledge Translator and Mobilizer’ through the visual.
Everyone is overwhelmed nowadays. So, the simpler the visual is, the better. How to make it easier for them. Less intimidating. More accessible. Lightness. Fun, color and cartoons, open doors to conversations rather than shut them.
Christina draws such great people to her cohorts and there is just something about her containers that is so catalytic. She and I agree about facilitating rather than telling. Much more effective to facilitate people in their own learning rather than the sage-on-the-stage model.”

Wishing you the very best Kristin as you help folks draw out their own answers … and help others do the same too, especially kids and teens. Thanks for being a kindred soul here in our beautiful region. I appreciate you as do so many others!

Kristin Wiens
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


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