Beautiful fall colours on Saltspring Island. Bright yellows and oranges along a still lake with moody grey clouded sky. Rainforests of Vancouver Island

Late fall here on the misty coast of western Canada.

My dentist is on Salt Spring Island. Takes 4 hours each way to get there … the highway, the parking lot, the ferry, then the road to his office … then the return.

It’s a pain in the butt, as it eats up a whole day. However, that’s also the genius. Gets me away from the computer and out into the moody beauty of this season.

Work is intense right now, in a good way. I do have to manage my self-care; however, it feels really, really good to be of such deep service. To be well used during these shift times.

Anneke Lucas and I are mid-way through our second offering of Shifting the Power. Some are repeaters, and some are brand new to The Unconditional Model. The blend of power dynamics with parts work makes for some very poignant material.

I absolutely love and am blessed to be co-hosting this leading-edge container … where we courageously meet the medieval dark, and also thankfully meet the greatest divine light too!

Colorful graphic with the course Fundamentals of Visual Coaching written across the top. A tablet and pen with Visual Coaching graphic in it.I also launched Fundamentals of Visual Coaching a few weeks ago.

Great group of newbies and seasoned practitioners … very much a reunion of a global team!

I’m a big proponent of ‘the only way out is in and through’ … aka experiential learning.

Such a pleasure to split these folks into small groups and dyads, as they doodle out the wisdom of each other!

For 3 days in August, I’ll be holding the Summer Camp version of this training, just outside of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. In a hidden little retreat center, with its own pond and orchard! After decades of typical venues, I’m going with a more grounded and humane setting. Spots are limited and already being reserved. I so look forward to training you in-person, with markers in our hands!

This revised Fundamentals course (whether you take it online or in-person) becomes a new pre-requisite for Visual Coach Certification – annually held online April-December.

beautiful trail through the dense rainforest of Metchosin, Vancouver Island, with rays of sunshine streaming through the canopy to light the trail.

Autumn Light on the Trail

Finally, the public and private Visual Satsangs continue to be lovely. Such a pleasure to gather heartful folks – to do/be our inner work together.

I’ve just announced the dates for next Private Satsang (intimate online cohort over 16 weeks).

The video from October’s Public Satsang is below (there were snaffus with November’s, so alas no recording).

Also see the Grad Spotlight for dynamo Elise Crespin from Germany, who has added Visual Coaching to her list of process offerings.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, colleagues and clients. May we all be thankful for the bounty we have, as we long for safety and security for all.

Yours in Shifting It,

Christina Merkley,
Visual Coaching and Satsangs


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