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Happy Holidays to you and yours!

I’m enjoying a few leisurely days here in a relatively mild Canadian winter – so far no snow. Just the way I like it, as dealing with power outages in the woods is no fun.

Mom took a tumble a few weeks ago and broke her shoulder. Dad’s loss of sight now excludes both driving and golf. Sad to drive him to pick up his clubs and clear out his locker. An end of an era.

table top with pointsettia, two candelsticks and a bowl of shiny christmas tree ballsTime ticks along for all of us, whether we are conscious of it or not. Both the personal and the collective are always in a state of flow.

If there is something you wish to be or do this lifetime, best to get on with it … whatever your ‘it’ may be. Don’t let fear, self-doubt, or other gremlins stand in your way. Shift what you can now and make peace with what you can’t.

See my annual holiday gift of a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat to assist with exactly that. For fuller assistance, check out the upcoming Visual Coaching Retreat that starts January 20th.

Anneke Lucas and I have completed our second Shifting the Power cohort. Once again it was a remarkable, life-changing experience. So grateful to be in the midst of such deep and meaningful inquiry with all involved. We are taking a season off (as Anneke completes the French and Dutch translations of her book). We will announce dates for the next cohort, when we have determined them.

I’m in the middle of delivering my new Fundamentals of Visual Coaching. The basics have been laid in, we’ve covered the more traditional coaching territory, and after the holidays I’ll demo the more avant-garde work, and cover the business side of things too.

window ledge looking out into the rainforest and hosting green glass bird, balls and a glass christmas treeI’m glad I decided to niche the course down to just Visual Coaching, after so many years of covering all of the visual animals.

Feels good to focus on what I love best, and use my experience to help develop the next generation of Visual Coaches while I can.

The world really needs folks who can meet Mind, Heart and Belly … and doodle their wisdom out too!

Fulfilling a Private Visual Satsang at the moment, another one is forming in a few months if you wish to secure your spot (they only happen twice a year and space is limited to keep them small).

The drop-in Public Visual Satsangs will continue in 2024, however, I’m going to be making some changes to them (recordings will not be on the public web any longer, they’ll be nestled in their own private community). More details coming on that.

I always love the shift into a New Year … even during tumultuous times like we are living through.

Goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024 … may grace be on the case as humanity navigates its evolution.

Christina Merkley,
Visual Coaching and Satsangs


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