Visual Coach Certification: Starts April 2nd

Are you joining us?!

Time to slide under the wire to claim your spot. The 2024 cohort of Visual Coach Certification is just two weeks away.

Wonderful adventure to join in deep learning with Process Peeps from around the world.

Two pre-requisites are required – Home Study Kits available for last-minute joiners who need to cram!

Live Online Training Webinars:

Tuesdays, 12 – 2 pm Pacific Time, convert to your zone
April 2 – December 20, 2024

2 Pre-requisites Required

Full Details and Application

Both Online and In-Person Application:

Visual Coaching can be done both online and in person. Making it a flexible medium for various delivery methods. From organic paper techniques to fully synthetic/digital … and everything in between (hybrid).

Fully Digital Via Tablet

Christina Merkley working maps drawing by hand with markers

Hybrid Via Document Camera

Fully Analog Via Organic Wall Work

In-Person via Paper or Digital Template

Appropriate for Range of Populations and Settings:

Visual Coaching engages the Left Brain (logical, linear and conscious) as well as the Right Brain (emotional, intuitive and unconscious). Suitable for corporate, to touchy-feeling, and everything in between!

It’s an innovative whole-person approach that many different kinds of people resonate with, including Visual Thinkers (the majority of the population).

40+ Visual Moves: Certification gives you direct access to me and my innovative work. I personally train you in my proven SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System® plus my additional advanced maps – 40+ visual moves and counting.

Sensitivity for BIPOC and gender fluidity. Room to create your own templates too. Plus, plenty of ways to work emergent with no templates also!

The Core SHIFT-IT Maps

The Core SHIFT-IT Maps

Advanced Maps and More

For Artists and Non-Artists Alike:

You do not need to be an artist to be an effective Visual Coach. While drawing can be a lovely aspect of this method, even shapes, coloring and rudimentary doodles (which I teach you) go a long way.

In fact, being a really good artist can be a hinderance (this is NOT studio work, so it helps to be basic and fast, in order to keep rapport with your clients).

If you are an artist – awesome! You may need to let go of some of what you know how to do (which can be refreshing), in order to visually coach. Your own unique flair shines on the functional base my maps provide.

Best Candidates for Visual Coach Certification:

This program attracts fascinating folks – whom you learn from as much as me. Together we are pioneering a new modality that brings vision, heart and aligned action to the world.

Certification is best for practitioners who are already trained in some capacity to work with individuals (coaches, therapists, supervisors, managers, counselors, mediators, advocates, financial advisors and the like).

I am not teaching you how to do your work, I am teaching you how to do it visually. And, equipping you with best practice techniques and tools that slip right in.

Be a part of this caring tribe as we navigate through epic times!


Live Online Training Webinars:
Tuesdays, 12 – 2 pm Pacific Time, convert to your zone
April 2 – December 20, 2024

2 Pre-requisites Required

Full Details and Application

Yours in visual expansion,

Christina Merkley
Christina Merkley
Pioneering Visual Coach

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