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In Your Words: Graphic Recorder Tanya Gadsby

IT WAS CHRISTINA’S INTUITIVE ABILITY TO GET TO THE HEART OF MY PROBLEMS THAT MADE A HUGE IMPACT ON MY WORK AND LIFE “As a completely self-taught Graphic Recorder, over four years I’d built up a graphic recording & whiteboard video business. But I found myself feeling isolated and overwhelmed by the business side of… Read more »

In Your Words: Sema K. Tezer

NOW MY VISUAL WORLD IS DIVIDED INTO 2 PARTS: BEFORE AND AFTER TRAINING WITH YOU Professionally organized. Clearly informed to participate effectively; Highly detailed materials, perspectives, techniques, methods, samples, videos and other resources; Gave me a wide perspective about how can I integrate my landscape architecture, drawing, coaching, team facilitation and training skills; Satisfied my… Read more »

In Your Words: Caitlin Ellsworth

I CREDIT SHIFT-IT ONLINE WITH THE INITIATION OF THIS TRANSFORMATION IN MY LIFE AND RESET OF MY SPIRITUAL PATH “I want to say a huge thank you. I took your winter 2013 SHIFT-IT Online, during a challenging time in my career and life. It was exactly the experience I needed to get clearer about the… Read more »

In Your Words: Amy Sparks

A SUPERB WAY TO DIP YOUR TOE INTO THE WORLD OF WORKING VISUALLY “Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals is a superb way to dip your toe into the world of working visually. Christina covers all the bases: from best ways to hang an enormous piece of paper, to ways to draw people and icons quickly, to deep… Read more »

In Your Words: Aaron Johannes

Aaron Johannes Certified Visual Coach®

POWERFUL LESSON IN HOW GOOD COACHING IMPROVES ONE’S WORK, AND WHY I CONSIDER CHRISTINA ONE OF THE GREAT MENTORS IN MY LIFE “The day I got word of my successful completion of Visual Coach Certification® I was working on a new chart for a client who comes annually for visual project updates. It’s great for… Read more »

In Your Words: Erin Campbell Howell

WE ARE INSPIRED AND EXCITED ABOUT THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES FOR GRAPHIC FACILITATION … “Christina, thank you for coming to Regina, Saskatchewan (in winter no less!) to lead our cohort of 17 internal and external leaders through your 2-day Fundamentals of Working Visually in-house workshop. We are inspired and excited about the endless possibilities for Graphic… Read more »

In Your Words: Geri Briggs-Simpson

CHRISTINA’S CLASSES ARE WELL PACED AND PROGRESSIVE … PROVIDE YOU WITH A SET OF PROFESSIONAL TOOLS  FOR YOUR REPERTOIRE.  I AM THRILLED I TOOK THE CHANCE  AND REGISTERED. “People I respect suggested I join them for SHIFT-IT Online by Christina Merkley. I reviewed her site and felt this program was exactly what I was looking… Read more »

In Your Words: Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore - Accounting & Software Specialist

WE ALL HAVE GIFTS TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD. I’M GLAD CHRISTINA SHARES HERS, BECAUSE SHE IS HELPING ME TO SHARE MINE! “I “met” Christina in fall 2012 when I joined a 12-week webinar program she co-hosted (Thrive In the Time of Awakening). During the next months, I was simply awed by her intuitive and… Read more »

In Your Words: Alexa Linton

Alexa Linton Coach & Certified BodyTalk

A POTENCY AND STRENGTH AS A MENTOR THAT GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND “Working with Christina Merkley has been a powerful experience! Not only is she an incredible coach, teacher and facilitator, she also has a potency and strength as a mentor that goes above and beyond. She is deeply committed to her own personal work… Read more »