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Korean Consultant Young Sook Lee Travels to Train in Victoria

I’M DELIGHTED WITH HOW MY CLIENTS ARE RESPONDING I really enjoyed my 2-day private training with you.  Thank you for teaching me how to work more visually and for co-building the Leadership Development Journey Mural with me – that was an intense learning experience that I enjoyed very much. Immediately upon returning home to Korea… Read more »

In Your Words: Sonia Talwar

INSPIRING, GROUNDED AND PRAGMATIC “Fundamentals of Working Visually was inspiring, grounded and pragmatic. I really liked the format covering the main ways of working (recording, facilitation and coaching), it worked very well. And I enjoyed the demos and having lots of practice time. It’s valuable to internalize the skills and to know, from having taken… Read more »

In Your Words: Testimonial from BodyTalker Joseph Briante

WAS CHALLENGED TO BE BOTH CURIOUS AND BRAVE … TO JUMP IN AND MAKE MARKS, MISTAKES AND GET OVER MYSELF! “Coming from a background in business, personal growth and healing, I resonated with Christina Merkley and her work instantly. She’s professional, clear and innovative, always exploring into new process territory. I loved Fundamentals of Working… Read more »

In Your Words: Joleyne Mayers-Jaekel

GAVE ME THE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS TO PURSUE MY VISION TO OPERATE MY OWN PROCESS BUSINESS … NOW WITH ‘VISUALS’ AS A TANGIBLE TOOL TO ASSIST. “I was introduced to the world of Graphic Recording in 2009 during a professional development seminar for teachers. I was fascinated by the increased level of engagement from participants… Read more »

In Your Words: Educator & Trainer Judy Southwell

“I have been involved in adult education for 25 years as an instructor, facilitator, and in curriculum design and program development. I really enjoy learning experiences where interactive, reflective and illustration methods are incorporated. It is an ongoing goal of mine to illustrate confidently, use colour effectively, and instinctively use visual processing methods to interpret… Read more »

In Your Words: Clare North

Clare North Internal Change Leader and Facilitator/Coach

HAS THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF MATERIALS, IS PROFESSIONALLY PRESENTED AND INCLUDES A HUGE RANGE OF RESOURCES “I participated from the United Kingdom in the online version of Fundamentals of Working Visually. The course has the highest quality of materials, is professionally presented and includes a huge range of resources. This program clarified my thoughts about… Read more »

In Your Words: Estelle Gibson, CPA

ONE OF THE REASONS I WAS SELECTED WAS BECAUSE DURING MY INTERVIEW I SHARED HOW I WOULD USE INTERACTIVE-VISUALS – THEY WERE REALLY INTERESTED AND EXCITED ABOUT THE IDEA! “As a CPA and Financial Coach I work with Creative and Heart Centered Business Owners using an inner and outer approach with their money and mindset.… Read more »

In Your Words: Graphic Recorder Tanya Gadsby

IT WAS CHRISTINA’S INTUITIVE ABILITY TO GET TO THE HEART OF MY PROBLEMS THAT MADE A HUGE IMPACT ON MY WORK AND LIFE “As a completely self-taught Graphic Recorder, over four years I’d built up a graphic recording & whiteboard video business. But I found myself feeling isolated and overwhelmed by the business side of… Read more »

In Your Words: Sema K. Tezer

NOW MY VISUAL WORLD IS DIVIDED INTO 2 PARTS: BEFORE AND AFTER TRAINING WITH YOU Professionally organized. Clearly informed to participate effectively; Highly detailed materials, perspectives, techniques, methods, samples, videos and other resources; Gave me a wide perspective about how can I integrate my landscape architecture, drawing, coaching, team facilitation and training skills; Satisfied my… Read more »