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In Your Words: Hannah Sanford

YOU AREN’T FEEDING ME FISH, YOU ARE TEACHING ME TO FISH AND AS WE’VE SEEN IT’S ALREADY PAYING OFF! “Christina, I wanted to say thank you for the many valuable courses I have taken with you, and most particularly for your private coaching. You’re very welcoming, whether it’s online or in-person, with you there’s always… Read more »

In Your Words: Melissa Nuwaysir

I CAME TO RECOGNIZE THE ‘LOST’ OR DORMANT PARTS OF MYSELF, MY SOUL’S CALL. “I LOVED SHIFT-IT Coaching, the maps and our work together. You are a magnificent coach! I admire your work – you are a true pioneer. I see from a process perspective, that the Law of Attraction builds over time, that the… Read more »

In Your Words: Debby Simcoe

“I HAD A DISTINCT ‘SHIFT IT’ EXPERIENCE … MAKING FRIENDS WITH MY INNER CRITIC” “Christina, thank you so much for SHIFT-IT Online, a great program! I so appreciated the way you presented it and the materials were incredibly effective at getting into that other part of my head (right brain, I’m guessing) that is more… Read more »

In Your Words: Steph Martini

WHETHER YOU ARE A COACH, FACILITATOR OR GRAPHIC RECORDER, THESE COURSES ARE WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF “As a real estate and business coach, I focus on the whole person; life coaching is a natural result. With a strong passion for expressive visual and kinesthetic communication, Visual Coach Certification (including its 2 pre-requisites) was… Read more »

In Your Words: Anne Marie Turnbull

HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER COURSES AND CAN VIRTUALLY GUARANTEE YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO STOP AT JUST ONE! “I was first exposed to working visually in 2010 when I began to cast about for more interesting ways to engage leaders in the wide variety of offsites that I lead. After reading a number of books and… Read more »

In Your Words: Francesca de Bastiani

WAS INVALUABLE AND THE VISUAL WAY OF WORKING HAS BECOME A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE Are you a visual person? Do you like to work with images that evoke thoughts, emotions and concepts? Do you enjoy using colour, simple lines and succinct vocabulary to tell a story? Do you enjoy discovering with like-minded… Read more »

In Your Words

Kristin Wiens, Educator & Graphic Recorder

SUCH A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE THAT FAR EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS … “Taking the Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals was such a positive experience that FAR exceeded my expectations. The workshop was motivating, inspiring, educational and fun. Christina creates a wonderfully supportive learning environment and guides participants through a carefully crafted curriculum designed to get participants actively using visuals… Read more »

In Your Words

Lynn Thomas, Christian Coach

“WOW! USING VISUALS WITH MY CLIENTS HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER …” “Being a Professional Coach already, I was a little unsure as to “what”, exactly, I would gain from Visual Coach Certification … until I dove in and went through the program. Being more “left brained” I was a little nervous about learning to… Read more »