A Shout Out to MG 101 Attendees

Beautiful, crisp, sunny morning here in Victoria B.C. Looking out my window as I type I see blue sky, multi-colored leaves and people heading over to the local Starbucks for their morning coffee. A gorgeous sunny fall morning – ahhhh, life is good.

Gotta tell you, I’m feeling pretty darn grateful right now. Yesterday I hosted my Meeting Graphics 101 workshop. One of my favorite things to do. I’m usually off working with individuals and groups – so its such a nice change to come together with a group of people who are attracted to the graphic way of working and share methods, techniques and tips. Really discuss what graphic recording, graphic facilitation and graphic coaching are all about. And, hear how other folks are thinking about and using these creative and strategic tools.

Each class is always unique – a different combination of people with varying backgrounds, philosophies and skill sets. Yesterday we had a really cool diversity of folks – city and community planners, teachers, technology / stats / information systems, organizational development and leadership consultants, coaches, wellness counselor, somatic / movement specialist and a public speaker/author.

Yes, I share all sorts of my expertise … having worked in this field for over a decade and having had lots of interesting experiences. Trying to be an open book and give as much value and support as I can. But I think the reason these classes are so successful is because of the people I attract. Nice, smart, innovative, creative, caring, inspirational … I could go on and on.

This is my Saturday morning shout out to those who came, and those who have come before. Thank you so much for your involvement, participation and enthusiasm. The graphic facilitation field has been brewing since the 1970s and I’d say I’m third or fourth generation myself — from what I am seeing and experiencing in these classes I’d say its very safe to say that the graphic way of working with groups and individuals is gaining momentum and mass. Very cool things are happening. And I love how technology (internet, blogs, search engines, etc) are bringing us ‘visual learning’ types together.

All I can say is that I’m feeling very pleased, happy and grateful to play a little role in this expansion. Good luck to everyone is who using and developing their intereactive graphics skills. This stuff works. People certainly resonate with it. And its a fun community to be a part of.

Markers unite! Cheers, Christina 🙂

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