International Shift-It Group Forming

Break Through to Your Next Self!!!

New SHIFT-IT Tele-group runs Sept. 16 – Oct. 28.

What’s the ‘IT’ that you want to SHIFT? What do you secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) want that you don’t yet have?

Is it a change in your work (more meaning, creativity, fun, a better alignment with your values), a new relationship (or improvement in the current one), a child, more money and prosperity, a move to a different location, a better body – or just more consistent satisfaction and happiness? Or perhaps its all or some combo of the above!

Get The SHIFT You Want!!!

Join me and fellow attendees from across the globe, for the next edition of the SHIFT-IT tele-group (last one for ’07). A safe, supportive, confidential tele-forum that brings laser focus to the area(s) you most want to SHIFT in your work and life.

Throughout the course of this 7 call event (held Sunday mornings, 10-11:30am (PST), I will take you step-by-step through my SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Process®. This process will:

  • Shake you awake with a bird’s eye view of your life- to-date
  • Make you hum with appreciation & gratitude for what you do have
  • Send a strong and confident directive to the universe about your desires
  • Breakthrough the B.S., wonky thinking and self sabotage that blocks you;
  • Assist you to feel and think more positively and optimistically
  • Teach you powerful techniques that you will use far beyond this class – for years to come to get the others things you are eventually going to want.

Class is chock full of visual processes and abundant with Law of Attraction methods, plus you receive a copy of the SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit as part of the deal. All calls are recorded, for easy re-listening and downloading.

Ready to stop thinking and talking about it and finally do it?! Get what you want! Come join us September 16th!

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P.S. Last session we had folks from all over: Holland, U.S., England, New Zealand, Canada – perfect opportunity to “Get SHIFTed” from the privacy of your own home.

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