Tools for Doing Abraham-Hick’s Focus Wheel Process

My work as the SHIFT-IT Coach is all about helping my clients define what they really, really want and then align with that.  Basically help you ‘become a vibrational match’ to your Personal Vision.

I use all sorts of tools to literally help you make a shift in your vibration – change the habitual ways that you go about your life so you get different results.

One of my all-time favorite processes is one given to us from Abraham … the non-physical intelligence that Esther Hicks translates. Its called The Focus Wheel.  Its one of the processes contained in the second half of Jerry and Esther’s book called Ask and It Is Given (the book I recommend most if you are new to the  Law of Attraction genre).

As a pioneering Graphic Coach (well versed in Law of Attraction and other metaphysical techniques),  I’ve created a visual tool to help my clients do The Focus Wheel.  I’ll attach it here so you can download it (its free).

Here’s the completed map that I did live on the video:

Within 5 days of doing this map (and the ho’oponopono energy work mentioned) I was told that the character in question had moved out of the building. Wow! That worked fast!

Here are a few examples from my coaching practice:

The trick with Focus Wheels is ‘come into alignment’ with the topic you are focusing on. Instead of lamenting about how you don’t have it or how hard it will be to get … you need to have the discipline of focusing on true things that ARE in the vibrational vicinity of what you want.  On ‘soothing thoughts’ rather than negative ones.

Everything is energy.  This tools helps you focus on the energy that is similar to the thing you desire rather than dissimilar.  This tool is an energy collector. It helps you pick up all the little vibrational bits that you do have lying around on a topic that do feel good.  When you put all that energy together it literally changes your frequency … hence making you a closer vibrational match (which helps you attract it).  It is inner work – however its well worth the effort!  Its amazing the shift one can get in 10 minutes or so of focused effort in the right place.

Arvind Singh’s Video: Browsing through Youtube, I was delighted to find this video created by Arvind Singh… which shows how to do a focus wheel.  Its slightly different than how I do focus wheels (I took the step of incorporating a ferris wheel motif…) however its a good resource for wrapping your head around how to do.

Way to go Arvind – very cool (as is your voice!).

P.S.  Looking for a good coach who knows Law of Attraction techniques and other helpful left and right brain processes to help you shift?  If so, I’m your gal, check out  Practical Energy WorkSHIFT-IT Online and my private coaching options .


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  1. Nina East on

    Christina, this is so great! Your visuals make it so much more fun to do – which, of course, makes it easier to get to the vibrational match level.


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