Ask Christina Question: I Love Your Stuff and LOA But I’m Barely Making Ends Meet …

Q:  Christina, I am fascinated by your blog and your products. I have just recently found the LOA two months ago and have tried to read everything on it. I wasn’t manifesting what I wanted and I stumbled upon your site. I love your products! They seem amazing but I’m barely making ends meet and can not afford it. I am sure you get so many people asking you this question – is there any way around this? I am dying to learn how to really manifest what I want in life! Thank you for this site regardless!! ~ Sharma from Vermont

A.  Hi Sharma.  Thanks for your enthusiastic note.  You are right, I do unfortunately get asked this question a lot. Not ‘unfortunately’ that you feel you can’t purchase my products (although that is always great when people do and can of course!), but ‘unfortunately’ because there are so many folks who have created this amount of perceived and actual scarcity in their lives… at least so far.

First off, you have just signed up for my free ezine (called The SHIFT-IT e-Zine).  So, you will be getting free articles on SHIFT-IT themes, every two weeks which will be very good ‘mind food’ for you.  You can also go to my SHIFT-IT archives page, where every ezine for the last three years is listed.  Check out my articles page, for even more good, free stuff, including free mp3 downloads. And, you can pick up ideas from combing the Portfolio page to see what other’s SHIFT-IT maps look like.  Plus (as if all this wasn’t enough!), when you sign up for the e-zine, you get THREE FREE SHIFT-IT tools.  I invite you to read them and print out and do the maps (especially At the Crossroads and Focus on Me … the latter is especially packed full of info and LOA resources).   You will get a SHIFT by doing the Focus on Me map … but you need to do it!

And, watch the ezine for notices about free tele-conferences that I do (I’ll be doing more in August and September as well as a new cool video stream) … I often do free open coaching on those calls, so if you speak up you may be able to be one of my volunteers.  I really love doing those types of free events and having guest speakers in, so I’ll be doing more of that this fall and in 2009.

As for LOA (law of attraction). There is tons of free information available on that.  Here are the sources I direct people to again and again:

1. There is a wealth of free information on my favorite teachers site: Jerry and Esther Hicks and The Teachings of Abraham.  Go to and, they have a YouTube channel where you can watch many Esther/Abraham videos for  free, free, free!  Excellent, excellent material.  Its what I teach in my Merkley’s Manifestation Mastermind.  There is also a Yahoo group around the Abraham material (not run by Jerry and Esther).  I think its called the Abe List or something like that.

2. Hay House Radio is an excellent source for beginning Law of Attraction information – and they have many, many, many free archives.  My favorites on there are: Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Micheal Neil, Sandra Anne Taylor and Debbie Ford (her shadow process is excellent and a good ‘Trouble at the Border’ tool).  Jerry and Esther and Abraham are even on there occasionally too.

3. James Ray (he’s such a hottie!  I joke he’s my future husband … so hey James, if you are listening – call me!, hee hee) … has lots of great information on his site.  You have to comb through it. And yes, you’ll be subjected to a lot of marketing.  But you will still learn tons of stuff and he is very generous in his sharing.  Download his free mp3s and if he’s in your area, go to one of his free Harmonic Wealth evenings.  Sign up for his ezine as he does free ‘Ask James’ tele-conferences on the typical subject matters that people want to apply The Law of Attraction to (like relationships, work, money, health, etc).

4. This is for the meta-physically minded and people who are cognitive/thinkers types (its a little deep … like the Seth 2 material) … but check out the free stuff from channel Mary Ellis and Elias.  Lots of ‘you create your own reality’ (YCYOR) material in their wealth of material. The core group of volunteers who get the Elias material out do a fantastic job of keeping all of that material up to date and available to everyone! Amazing that they do this. Thank you Elias volunteers, i so appreciate your service!

5. Theo and Sheila Gilette is another wonderful resource (Sheila helped Esther Hicks realize she had a similar connection to Abraham as she did to Theo). Not too much for free, but her download dialogues and meditations are very reasonably priced at around $7.

As you can see Sharma … there is an ABSOLUTE WEALTH  of stuff out there. You, I and everyone is already wealthy in access to incredibly good, interesting and applicable LOA materials thanks to the information and technological age that we live in!  So please do yourself a favour and partake of the wealth that is all around you and start changing some of that internal dialogue from ‘I’m broke and can’t afford anything’ to ‘I’m going to learn what i need to learn and will attract great information to assist me in doing it’. And ‘I’m capable, strategic and smart’ and ‘I’m going to SHIFT my circumstances’.  Which you have already done in having me write this Ask Christina answer for you!  Well done girl!!!

Yours in SHIFTing IT,

Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach

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