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In the first era of Christina Merkley’s career, she was an early adopter and trainer in the Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation fields (see her bio here). She also began early experiments with the use of live, interactive visual techniques with individuals, couples and small processing groups. What is now commonly referred to as Visual Coaching.

Her body of work has amassed organically since the late 1990s. First through The SHIFT-IT eZine, and then through blogging. Also through her in-person and online trainings.

When she began sharing on the internet, these topics were extremely niche. Her early writings, experimentations and trainings inspired niche enthusiasts globally, and contributed to the massive growth that the Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation fields have experienced.

For more recent developments, see SHIFT-IT Blog,  SHIFT-IT School and YouTube.

Please be advised that some articles, given their age, are no longer active or links within may no longer function.  Its hit and miss.


Working Visually

Graphic Facilitation & Graphic Recording

Visual Coaching Basics

Various Tools & Techniques

Christina’s SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Work


The Four Ways to Work Visually: With Video

How to Successfully Launch a Visual Practitioner Career or Hobby

How to Effectively Select a Visual Practitioner

How to Handle Visual Skeptics

How Speakers, Authors & Trainers Use Interactive-Visuals

Why Graphics? The Clarifying Value of Interactive-Visuals

The Ever-Expanding Visual Community

Attract Visual Thinkers in Your Clientele

Yes, Your Creativity Is Valuable & Worth Developing

5 Ways Non-Artists Can Work Visually Too

[Balance to My Digital World] The Many Moods of Victoria’s Shoreline

Integrate Both Your Left and Right Brain

The Equal Value of the Right Brain

Neuroscience and Working Visually

Working Visually: The Only Way Out Is Through

Scared to Work Large and Be Seen

Are You Foolish to Want to Use Innovative Methods?

Top 10 Soothing Thoughts for Adult Learners

Why Working Visually Is Powerful In Coaching And Personal Growth

How I Did It And How You Can Too

Are You Working For Light Or Dark?

Visual Coaching: Coach Does, Client Does … Or Both!

Where Tech is Headed for Process Professionals and Humanity

Two eCommunities for Your Outer/Inner Balance

Gabor Maté: Real Time Graphic Recordings

Update on Visual Coaching and Conscious Inquiry


The History of the Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording Fields.

Learn Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording: And Other Visual Methods To Work Effectively With Groups And Individuals

How Organizational Leaders, Consultants and Facilitators Can Use Interactive-Visuals

She’s Learning Important Contract Negotiation for Graphic Recording 

He Needs to Get in the Room

She Needs to Create a Room

The Joys and Challenges of Group Dynamic

Being in the Flow With Visual Process Work

Graphic Recorders: How To Build A Thriving Practice

International Forum Of Visual Practitioners (Ifvp): My Three Top Tips For Attending The Annual Conference


The W5’s of Visual Coaching

How Coaches, Therapists and Other Helping Professionals Use Interactive-Visuals

Visual Coaching: The Benefits of Working Visually with Individuals, Biz Partners & Couples

Visual Coaching Acclimatization

How to SHIFT from Consulting to Coaching


Common Formats for Working Visually

Tips for Color Use in Visual Process Work

Create Your Signature Style

The Merits of In-Person Vs Virtual

The Art of the Visual Bio

Use Visual Life Maps to SHIFT Your Path

Visual Tools to Map Your New Year

Tips to Create Vision Boards

A Classic Visual Manifestation Aid

Create Your Personal Vision with 6 Tips & Visual Map

See Yourself Through a Life Wheel

Visuals to Honor a Loved One’s Passing

Orphan Rescue: Part One

Orphan Rescue: Part Two

Clients Using Visual Coaching Templates in Their Own Native Language, or Not

Visual Coaching Gift: Mini-Retreat with Four Maps

Visioning Rule: Go As Specific As It Still Feels Good

Be the Pack Leader of Your Vision

7 Tips to Build Your $50-300K Business

A Graphic Tool For Planetary Visioning


Outer Work:

Christina’s Left-Brain Journey to Date

Tips for Website Creation and Refresh

7 Tips to Build Your $50-300K Process Practice

How to Conduct a Mini Planning Retreat Over the Holidays

The P Words of Your Professional Practice: Process & Positioning

Give, Yet Know Your Worth

Why Working for Nada Can Be Smart

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus … You!

Is It Procrastination or Right Timing?

Smartly Use Your Summer for Strategic Growth

How to Create and Evolve Your Offerings

Lessons Learned from Decade as a Solopreneur

Build Your Team to Assist Your Shift

Tips to Accelerate Your Biz & Life Now

The Art of Being Generative

Tips for a Successful Transition

Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word: Internet Marketing

6 Marketing Mindset Lessons

Your Journey to a Creative Based Lifestyle

Inner Work:

Christina’s Right-Brain Journey to Date

Why I Attended Contact in the Desert

Are You Working for Light or Dark?

Practical Energy Work

Up Ghost River

Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence (PEAT)

When You Change and They Don’t Like It

Inner Work for Those #@!* Days

What To Do If You’ve Lost Faith in Your Work, Boss or Clients

How to Know When To Go

Soften the Sting of Betrayal

Relationship: Are You a Distancer or Pursuer?

Recommended Relationship Resources

The Pros and Cons of a Dysfunctional Past

Triggered? Could Be an Orphan Calling Out

What’s Your Default: Shame or Grandiosity?

Inner Ways to Sell Your Home

Your Living Space: Help or Hindrance

Do You Have a Healthy Sense of Self

Add Some Yin to Your Repertoire

Let’s Make It Through These Crazy Times

The Riches of Satisfaction Interrupted

The Transforming Effects of Chaos and Pressure

Trust Your Rapid Acceleration

Thrive Tips for These Accelerating Times

My Top Ten Acceleration Book Picks

The Positive Role of Angst & Discomfort

The Importance of a Safe Haven for Your Authentic Self

Keep Perspective on Your Developmental Shift

The Brouhaha About 2012

The Generosity of Memoirs

How To Shift Your Cranky Mood Fast

6 Ways to Correct a Negative Spiral

It Ain’t Always Pretty or Easy

Survive Transition and Icky Neutral Zones

The Kardashians: And Bruce Jenner’s Transition

Practical Energy Work

Primordial Energy Activation & Transcendence (Peat)

Up Ghost River

What Kundalini Is And Why It Matters

A Graphic Tool For Planetary Visioning

Are You Working For Light Or Dark?

New Video: Focus Wheel Process With Visual Map

They Are Concerned About Being Their Real Selves … How About You?

Resources For Dealing With Stress And Trauma: Includes Video

Let’s Help This Refugee Family Of Four Make Their Shift


Actually You Are Accomplishing A Lot!

Summer Reads: Selig, Singer And Silver

Adventures in 21st Century Messiness

Shares From My Summer Vacay

Resources To SHIFT Post-Election Angst

Reflection Retreat with 4 Visual Maps

Our Shift From Type 0 to Type 1 Civilization Status

Inspiring Examples of Deep Inner Work

Two eCommunities for Your Outer/Inner Balance

Bon Voyage Mentor Jim Channon

Law of Attraction

What Abraham-Hicks Told Me on the Hot Seat

In Appreciation of Jerry Hicks: Wouldn’t It Be Nice If …

Energy Lessons from a Sweet Texan Couple

My Best Tips for Attending Your 1st Abraham-Hicks Workshop

The Economy According to Abraham-Hicks

Insights from the Abraham-Hicks Cruise

How to Decipher the Law of Attraction

What ‘In the Vortex’ Means

Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

The Hero & Queen Archetypes and Law of Attraction

Latest Law of Attraction Tidbits

How to Expand Your Ability to Receive

Find the Feeling Place of Success

Cool Frontier Tools to Wake You Up

Raise Your Vibe Via a Positive Aspects Map

Be the Scriptwriter of Your Own Life

Lessons from the Dog Whisperer

Tools for Doing Abraham-Hick’s Focus Wheel Process

Oprah’s Interviews With Esther Hicks & Abraham

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Author’s Bio: Christina Merkley, “The SHIFT-IT Coach” and creator of the SHIFT-IT System®, is a Visioning and Strategic Planning Expert specializing in Visual Thinking and Energy Alignment techniques. Based in charming Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, she works deeply with individuals, partners and conscious businesses to define and manifest what you truly want. And, trains other Process Professionals in her innovative ways of working.