GOOD RESOURCE: Oprah’s Interviews with Esther Hicks & Abraham

I’m in the midst of pulling together The SHIFT-IT eZine for Friday.  The main article is about my experience last year of getting up to the “hot seat” at an Abraham-Hicks workshop. You’ll see it posted here in a few days. In tooling around the internet … I came across a useful Law of Attraction resource: audio recordings of Esther Hick’s (and Abraham’s) interview with Oprah on her radio show.  Its not exactly new, I believe it happened a year or more ago.  I had heard that the interview had happened, but until now I hadn’t heard it.  Just listened …

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 Its good.  Three, 30-minute segments which give a good overview of Law of Attraction (as it goes beyond The Secret). And lots about Esther and Jerry’s story, who Abraham is, the basic premises of their message and many of the basic questions that folks typically want to know when they encounter the Abraham-Hicks material (money, relationships, manifestation, tragedies, meaning of life, how it ties into Xian beliefs … you know, the light stuff in life 😉 .  Even a little story about them meeting THEO via Sheila Gillette (whom I used to do joint programs with).


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