Practical Energy Work

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As my increasingly silver hair can attest to, I’ve been a Process Professional for two decades now. And the common denominator for successful Process Work in my opinion, whether with groups or individuals, is POSITIVE and HIGHER ENERGY.

clip-plugged-inYes, mine as the process designer and container holder is important (I gotta believe that change is possible and worth pursuing in the clients that I take on). But, MORE importantly my clients need to be PLUGGED IN with a critical mass of tingly energy and belief in order for the desired change to have legs.

Birthing of a New Course: Practical Energy Work
I’ve been wanting to do a new course on Practical Energy Work, given its paramount importance in life and in Process Work, for a while now. And to update some of my previous teaching with new things I’ve learned. And I want this new course to be exceedingly PRACTICAL and experiential. Simple and doable things that anyone can easily do without having to rely on outside authority or conditions (cause both are often fickle and it’s our internal guidance system that really matters most).

Roots in Energy Work:
I’ve developed roots in energy work over the years (see Right-Brain Journey for too much info). In addition to my signature SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System, I’ve created and lead Advanced Masterminds (centering on business and Law of Attraction principles) and designed and co-hosted programs with a popular Medium/Channel. Along the way studying trauma and learning a methodology called BodyTalk (consciousness based healthcare) to better aid my clients in their energetic shifts too.

clip-atomIt was during the phase with the Medium that my journey with energy took a decidedly personal turn – my kundalini awoke (as did a participant’s during one of our retreats). I’ve been learning, processing and integrating on warp drive ever since with some interesting paranormal phenomena happening at times too (read about here).

In short, energy awareness and management is becoming central in my life and work. And, I’m compelled to share what I’ve learned to assist others in more effectively managing their energy too as it’s a really important time on our planet where every person’s energy counts and matters.

Moving Beyond Law of Attraction:
I will always be appreciative of Law of Attraction principles (particularly Abraham-Hicks) for the supportive role this material has played in my life and early career. And I will continue to teach the basics of these important concepts because they are foundational for living a free and sovereign life.

However, over time I have found that some people can also get stuck in a ‘gimme gimme’ kind of attitude with Law of Attraction (service to self and materialism) that increasingly doesn’t sit well with me.

clip-aroundtheworldWhile personal manifestation is certainly important (we all need our bases covered), I’m more interested in coupling that with societal and even planetary manifestation too. Cause what’s the sense of some of us having our needs met when others are trapped in poverty, strife and degradation?! Or a small minority elite having control of the majority of the resources in our world? That’s not cool and it’s not human or humane in my books either.

Tricky Trauma:
In guiding people to raise their vibration with Law of Attraction for the last decade, there is a second thing that I increasingly have become conscious of in my Process Work … and that is the complicated role of ‘trauma’.

Basic Law of Attraction principles are problematic with people, like myself and some of my clients, who have simple or complex trauma. It’s not that Law of Attraction doesn’t work with us, it does but in non-desirable way. If we haven’t successfully processed our trauma (which is lodged somatically in the feeling body not logically in our thinking mind) then LOA just brings us more of the same! Painful repeat patterns that keep on coming … decidedly not fun!

clip-ambulanceTrauma is everywhere in our society for those with eyes to see. On our sidewalks, in our boardrooms and work environments, in our relationships and families, in our financial systems, even in how we treat our Earth. Some systems it seems are consciously created to beget more trauma rather than reduce it, which keeps many in perpetually fear or anger mode rather than higher up the emotional scale.

As I’ve written in previous SHIFT-IT eZines, I’ve been seriously studying whatever I can get my hands on about trauma because it’s a missing link in manifesting the individual and collective future we desire.

In this new Practical Energy Work program I’m bringing in experts on the subject and on the body-oriented therapies that appear to be our best bet in terms of raising the detrimental frequency of trauma (EMDR, PEAT, EFT, Energy Medicine, etc.). And how to seek qualified help.

Needed info for sufferers of trauma, for people who encounter traumatized people (all of us do) and especially for Process Professionals who work with groups and individuals … as you encounter trauma in your work at various functioning or non-functioning levels too (whether you are aware of it or not) with the populations you serve.

Simple Practices and Personal Responsibility:
The third area that I want to cover in this new course is personal responsibility and simple processes we each can do — ourselves. Cause there are a wealth of good simple ones that shift frequency very effectively if we incorporate them into our routines. And ones we can do under special circumstances too (like when we attend special events or we hold process containers for others).

clip-heartI put emphasis on the singular because I believe we need to stop co-dependently looking for some outside source to change things for the better … the elusive ‘them’ Rather we need to start changing things ourselves, WITHIN ourselves. That is where every single one of us has power. And WE are the keys to unlocking our own power and contribution.

More to Come by October 17th
That gives you a sense of the powerful themes that I’m working with this summer. I’m steadily assembling the Practical Energy Work class for its October 17th launch. I’m approaching experts whose work I admire to bring their wisdom to us (via video interviews). And am working with my wonderful admin team (juggling various vacation schedules) to get the class info page assembled (will let you know when it goes live sometime in August).

It’s a much busier summer than I anticipated, but a gratifying one as I have a sense of accomplishing some important orders from my soul. My energy is tingling and I’m looking forward to witnessing how this all plays out. Fall will be here before we know it!

6 comments on “Practical Energy Work

  1. Christina Merkley on

    Hi Aletta. Hope you are doing great – big hug! I mentioned this issue in a few “Notes from Christina” over the last while. Basically I have stepped away from interactions with The International BodyTalk Association (which is actually a privately owned company despite the naming of it) due to poor systems in dealing with internal complaints in a sexuality course for practitioners. Was pretty appalled with how the husband and wife who run/own BodyTalk handled it. The methodology is great as are most of the practitioners I have met. Unfortunately the field is at an awkward juncture in terms of its growth and systems. With my Organizational Development background I, as well as many others, expressed concerns. Which were ignored and/or belittled. Many changes in the BT community are happening at this time as a result of this issue plus others. Hopefully they will pull their act together. However I have pulled my membership out of protest, and have gone onto different pastures at this time (although I will still be using the methodology with my clients where its a fit). Thx. xo

  2. Deborah C on

    The subject of working with trauma has recently crossed my path. I’m looking forward to seeing what you put together. It will, no doubt, be fabulous!!

  3. Christina Merkley on

    Hi Deborah. Yes, such an important topic! I’m looking forward to this next phase of things too. Passionate about helping with more understanding about this. Thanks for your comment (nice to hear from you!). xo

  4. Kathy on

    I’ve come to realize that often the unspoken hurdle for groups is an underlying trauma that no one is willing to speak of or deal with. It’s becoming my mission to help them figure that out so they can achieve great things together. Can’t wait to see your thoughts and understanding in the area.

  5. Christina Merkley on

    Thanks for the comment Kathy. Yes! Let’s get trauma more deeply understood and ideally healed. Such important work to get happening more out in the world in its many aspects. Glad you are doing that in your group process work, yah! 🙂

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