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January, Vol 18, Issue 1: Visual Coaching Gift & New 2022 Courses

Happy New Year! While it’s a difficult time in the world for many (Xmas and even New Year celebrations were restricted here in Canada) … I still love the energy of a brand new year, no matter what growing pains are happening…

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October Vol 17, Issue 2: Resurrection of a Powerful Woman

Fall is here in the Pacific Northwest, and with it comes much-welcomed rains, after a fiery summer. So much happening, locally and internationally, as this season shifts. Some shares about my life, my work, and what our souls may be up to …

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August Vol 17, Issue 1: Open Your Eyes, the Gift is All Around You

I hope you and yours are doing ok during these shift times.

As I draw thoughts and feelings out of folks from across the world, I see a lot of different circumstances. Some are having the best of times. Some are having the worst of times. And the majority, like myself, are somewhere in between. Our souls certainly didn’t pick a boring time to incarnate, did they?!  As I write, I’m taking a little breather between SHIFT-IT School semesters, as my team preps our Fall 2021 courses…

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August Vol 16, Issue 1: Update on Visual Coaching

Hope you are doing ok through the tumultuousness of 2020. I’ve been trying to write an eZine for months now. Just when I think I have it, the world shifts again and makes what I wrote obsolete. We do not live in boring times!

Local Conditions: Here on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, we are executing a 4 phase restart plan, of which we are currently in stage 3. Dr. Bonnie Henry our province’s Chief Medical Officer has become a beloved heroine for the region due to her …

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December Vol 15, Issue 1: Annual Visual Coaching Gift For The Holidays

Happy Holidays! Time for my annual gift of a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat … a Visual Coaching aid that helps you thoughtfully segue from one year to the next. Complete with 4 Visual Maps and Instruction eBook

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December Vol 14, Issue 4: Annual Visual Coaching Gift For The Holidays

Happy Holidays! Time for my annual gift of a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat … a Visual Coaching aid that helps you thoughtfully segue from one year to the next. Complete with 4 Visual Maps and Instruction eBook.

A Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat can be conducted at any time. However, I find that the calendar holds some special spots when the reflection of this nature is particularly helpful. Like around New Years when a brand new year is upon us…

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August Vol 14, Issue 3: Ego And Other Deaths

It’s the eighth month of 2018 and this is only my third eZine of the year. The first one was on Ayahuasca, the second one was on my Graphic Recordings of Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry Work with trauma and addictions. And this third one is on death. I know, I’m a laugh a minute right?!

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July Vol 14, Issue 2: Gabor Maté: Real Time Graphic Recordings

Graphic Recording, as many of my readers know, is a real-time visual note taking process done in a public manner, usually with large sheets of mural size paper (although other materials can also be used including digital means).

If you are aware of the SketchNotes technique, it’s the same idea, but larger and with the notes happening publicly rather than in your own small notebook.

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February Vol 14, Issue 1: Ayahuasca: Info for Process Professionals

Are the exotic names of Ayahuasca, Iboga, San Pedro and the like new to you? As an aware Process Professional if you haven’t already encountered them, chances are they will pop up somewhere in your personal or professional networks soon.

All are indigenous Plant Medicines or ethnogens, with deep culturally specific roots, whose use is spreading far and wide across the globe, including into various kinds of…

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December Vol 13, Issue 10: My Visual Holiday Gift To You And Yours

Whether you are an old hand at Visual Coaching or are completely new to it, we can all benefit from reflecting on our lives every once in a while: to identify what mid-course corrections we might want to make. Sooooo, in the spirit of this holiday season … I’m gifting you my Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat, complete with 4 Visual Maps and Instruction eBook.s …. [read more]

November Vol 13, Issue 9: What’s Your Strongest Clair Ability?

In my Practical Energy Work courses I work with various kinds of Process Professionals, to help them more effectively tap into their intuitive Right Brain … where A LOT of inspiration, creativity and wisdom resides. Being able to access their intuition quickly and smoothly helps them to operate more efficiently in their work and life.

Our modern, go-go-go world tends to be very Left-Brain centric (logical, rational, linear, structured, masculine, etc.). The Right Brain unfortunately tends to get overlooked or even denigrated (emotional, spiral, intuitive, flow, feminine, etc.). Even though it’s always …. [read more]

September Vol 13, Issue 8: Bon Voyage Mentor Jim Channon

Hopefully you have special people in your life who are always there for you with a kind word, a thumbs up and a mischievous wink. I had/have one of those in my friend and mentor Jim Channon, who passed away earlier this month at Artesia his Kona sanctuary.

July Vol 13, Issue 7: Systemic Constellations

Ok, a little warning to start with. Those of you in my client base who are more Left Brained (and I love you), you may want to take a pass on this particular article, haha. As I’m going to write about a method that is decidedly more Right Brained.

Some of my readers know that back in 2012 my personal growth took a quantum leap, literally. I had what is known as a kundalini awakening (you can read about it here in more depth if you care to). No, it’s not the yoga.

June Vol 13, Issue 6: Two eCommunities for Your Outer/Inner Balance

When I moved back to Canada in the early 2000s, after close to a decade in San Francisco, I had decisions to make about my process practice and what I called it. In San Francisco, when I went out on my own after The Grove Consultants, I branded under “Make Your Mark, LLC” as back then I was primarily a Graphic Recorder.

May Vol 13, Issue 5: Heather Martinez: Thumbs Up For This Skilled Lettering Teacher

A few weeks ago, I had the fun and productive experience of attending a skills development workshop that a previous student of mine, Heather Martinez, was hosting. Was also fun to reconnect with other students who were there as fellow participants and meet some new faces too.

April Vol 13, Issue 4: Where Tech Is Headed For Process Professionals And Humanity

For the sake of this article I’m going to out myself age-wise … I’m a Gen Xer born in 1968, so that makes me 48. My generation is the last straddle generation where modern technology is concerned. We are the last generation who has personal memory of what life was like before computer technology arrived on the scene. And it’s within our lifetime that humanity is navigating the amazing yet treacherous terrain of integrating synthetic tools with our organic natures.

March Vol 13, Issue 3: Visual Coaching: Coach Does, Client Does … Or Both!

A short definition of “Visual Coaching” or “Graphic Coaching” is … the spontaneous use of writing and drawing as a mirroring effect during process work with individuals.

A Client (an individual, couple, partner, family or group) is guided by a Process Professional (HR, coach, therapist, counselor, mediator, financial advisor, etc.) through specific processes that simulate specific kinds of thinking and/or feeling (life mapping, visioning, planning, resistance work, etc.).

The Client’s perspective, reactions and answers are literally drawn out right in front of them … in-person via paper or whiteboards or digitally via web conferencing with digital tablets.

February Vol 13, Issue 2: Inspiring Examples of Deep Inner Work

As a Process Professional who helps groups and individuals think, feel and make important decisions, I’m on a life-long learning path about how to efficiently move myself and my clients out of ruts that threaten to keep us stuck.

Some ruts are quite easy to get out of…

January Vol 13, Issue 1: Our Shift From Type 0 to Type 1 Civilization Status

This issue of the SHIFT-IT eZine I’m sharing some thoughts and resources on a REALLY BIG SHIFT — the shift of our civilization from Type 0 status to Type 1 status. A massive shift which isn’t easy or pretty but is essential if we are to survive as a species and keep our planet functioning.


December Vol 12 Issue 17: Reflection Retreat with 4 Visual Maps

Whether you are an old hand at Visual Coaching or are completely new to it, we can all benefit from reflecting on our lives every once in a while: to identify what mid-course corrections we might want to make. Sooooo, in the spirit of this holiday season … I’m gifting you my Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat, complete with 4 Visual Maps and Instruction eBook.

December Vol 12 Issue 16: Three Resources to Shift Post Election Angst

Geez, it’s been one intense fall, hasn’t it?! I decided to stay in the U.S. for Election Day during my recent road trip. Felt historic and I wanted to be around for it. Boy it was intense in the household I was staying at, with mostly Clinton supporters aghast as the results came in. This Canadian was just thankful that it wasn’t mine to vote in.

September Vol 12 Issue 15: Shares From My Summer Vacay

I’m busy running SHIFT-IT School for most of the year.  August and early September is a chance to take a break from my usual schedule and squeeze in some travel and exploration before my own classes start up again. I really relish the chance to break away from the computer and take some ‘in-person’ trips.

This season I had two opportunities to attend events as a participant, which is a rare treat given I’m often the one holding space for others. One was a conference in Mt. Shasta, California and the other a workshop in Seattle, Washington. I thought I’d share some thoughts from each as both were rather unique and provocative experiences…

August Vol 12 Issue 14: Adventures in 21st Century Messiness

Running SHIFT-IT School and conducting my own Process Practice is hard work. Its work that I truly love and work I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to be able to do, but its hard work nonetheless. That takes a lot out of me on various levels so it’s important I take time to replenish.

August Vol 12 Issue 13: Summer Reads: Selig, Singer And Silver

A few years ago my kundalini energy awoke (if you aren’t sure what kundalini is or you would like to read my awakening story click here). Some people’s kundalini awakening is an instant process. Other people have a slower more extended process. I’m the latter.

July Vol 12 Issue 12: International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP): My Three Top Tips for Attending the Annual Conference

I was coaching a client last week. She’s a Process Professional in the Midwest of the United States who mostly works for not-for-profits in a variety of roles (facilitator, coach, instructor, etc.). She does awesome work for public service providers who do important and needed work in their region for a variety of populations.

Last season she took the online version of my Fundamentals of Working Visually course, given there isn’t much training in Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation available in her geographical area. She was inspired by the experience and wanted to keep her momentum rolling so she traveled to British Columbia, Canada to attend my recent Magic Marker Retreat, the advanced visual skills course.

June Vol 12 Issue 11: Spirconomics

I read an interesting book the other day by an author we haven’t heard from in a while.  Her name is Marcia Schafer and her book is called Spirconomics: How to Snatch Back the Future.  The sub-title is “How a Hidden Demographic Will Reshape the Emerging World”.

I really enjoyed Marcia’s last book: Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist which detailed her many cosmic and interdimensional contacts.

June Vol 12 Issue 10: Actually You ARE Accomplishing A LOT!

In my private coaching practice, I work with clients over extended periods and often in multiple cycles (people return after months, years and even decades for another round of support). By way of checking in, each new session I usually start by asking “who are you today?!”

I do this because I know people can change in minutes, hours, days and weeks (let alone years) and we as humans can also occupy a diverse range of positions on…

May Vol 12 Issue 9: How I Did It And How You Can Too

Things happen in clusters in my practice. A certain theme or focus will show up across classes and private sessions. So this article I want to share about one of those themes … the theme of ‘how did you do it’ and ‘how can I do it too’? The ‘it’ being a livelihood which is interesting, fun and sustainable.

When you are in the public eye like me (due to the nature of my work and how I market it) people make all sorts of assumptions and projections.

April Vol 12 Issue 8: Sound Modalities to Aid Your SHIFT

I’m sure there are other moments earlier in my life, but the defining moment I remember about the power of sound came during an excruciating workshop in 2008.

I was in Las Vegas (should have been my first clue) for a gathering that my American business coach at the time had recommended. She and several of her colleagues that I first learned internet marketing methods from were all getting into the Law of Attraction via this particular man.

April Vol 12 Issue 7: Graphic Recorders: How To Build a Thriving Practice

If you are new to me, hello I’m Christina Merkley. I’m a seasoned Visual Practitioner and teacher of various process skills including Studio Work, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Coaching (which are related but different approaches).

I teach all sorts of Process Professionals who work with groups and/or individuals how to weave “Working Visually” into your process toolkit. I teach both in-person and online and work with practitioners from across the globe.

March Vol 12 Issue 6: Do You Need To Bio Hack Your Life?!

Born in ’68 I’m a Gen X’er. Sometimes I find myself wishing I was a Millennial … oh, to be so fluid with technology having grown up a “digital native”. But then I retract that wish because then I wouldn’t have memories of life before computers, the internet, cell phones, wifi and social media! And those memories are precious.

February Vol 12 Issue 5: Visual Coach Certification Enhancements

Using visuals and other powerful techniques in process work with individuals, partners and couples is one of the greatest joys of my life.

If we each come into life with a purpose, then at least part of mine has been to help pioneer Visual Coaching in the world.

February Vol 12 Issue 4: Why Working Visually Is Powerful in Coaching and Personal Growth

I’ve been using visual techniques with coaching and personal growth since the mid-1990s. And now more and more of my process colleagues are waking up to the power of using these methods with their own clientele.

January Vol 12 Issue 3: Journalist Annie Jacobsen’s Latest Book

As a Process Professional I’m constantly curious about the leading edge in high performance and consciousness. I’m a pragmatist too … so I like to research tangible methods that can truly assist my clients and myself to reach greater states of fulfillment, satisfaction and ease in the things that matter most to us (be they professional and/or personal).

January Vol 12 Issue 2: Resources for Dealing with Stress and Trauma: Includes Video

Just returned to my Practical Energy Work class after a two week hiatus for the holiday season. We are mid-way through the maiden voyage of this new course.

We’ve laid a nice foundation of energy basics, had several sessions on Law of Attraction (with Visual Maps to assist) and also a demo of BodyTalk (a consciousness based health care system).

January Vol 12 Issue 1: For You: Mini Shift-It Retreat With 4 Visual Maps

Whether you are an old hand at Visual Coaching or are completely new to it, we can all benefit from reflecting on our lives every once in a while: to identify what mid-course corrections we might want to make. Sooooo, in the spirit of this holiday season … I’m gifting you my Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat, complete with 4 Visual Maps and Instruction eBook.


December Vol 11 Issue 24: Let’s Help This Refugee Family of Four Make Their Shift

As world events have splashed across our television and electronic devices this past fall, I’ve been wondering how things will trickle down to my local community. What is happening locally with refugee arrivals? What planning and systems are taking place? Are there ways I can help and get involved? Would any of my skills be of assistance?

December Vol 11 Issue 23: They Are Concerned About Being Their Real Selves … How About You?!

I have several clients in my practice currently who are dealing with issues of innovation, identity and visibility. About, in essence, being concerned about the practicalities and costs of being their ‘real self’. And, given the Law of Attraction (that like attracts like) I too am dealing with another layer of the onion on these issues in my own business and life too.

November Vol 11 Issue 22: Visual Coaches Come Down The Finish Line

For 6 years now, via my Visual Coach Certification, I’ve been mentoring other Process Professionals who work with individuals in how to work visually with their own clientele.  Mostly coaches … however therapists, counselors, financial advisors, disability specialists and bodyworkers have also participated.

October Vol 11 Issue 21: New Video: Focus Wheel Process With Visual Map

This is a Process Worker’s version of making lemonade from lemons.

I’ve been meaning to add a video to my previous blog post about the Focus Wheel Process to better show how it’s done. It’s one my most popular posts according to my stats program even though it’s from years ago.

October Vol 11 Issue 20: A Graphic Tool for Planetary Visioning

My new Practical Energy Work course is launching today. It’s been about 6 years in the making … taking up where my last meta-physical type courses left off.

I took a hiatus of sorts because I was going through a deep learning and immersion phase in my own development … as an energetically sensitive human being and as a Process Professional. I get into all that in the course and also share what I’ve learned along the way.

September Vol 11 Issue 19: Kundalini: What It Is And Why It Matters

Kundalini is an ancient Sanskrit word. It is a noun that describes an energy that is housed in every human body. Kundalini is the mysterious life force that created our body in the first place, and an extra bundle of it lies dormant within us, apparently coiled at the base of our spine. Given its coiled nature (when dormant) and spiral nature (when active) it’s often visually depicted as a snake. Other words for this energy are prana and chi.

September Vol 11 Issue 18: Being in the Flow With Visual Process Work

Today is a loaded day in the North American psyche and in the world at large, given the magnitude and effects of the 9/11, 2001 attack. What a heavy timeline it’s been this decade plus in the Middle East and beyond.

August Vol 11 Issue 17: Visual Coaching Acclimatization

For 6 years now, via myVisual Coach Certification, I’ve been mentoring other Process Professionals who work with individuals in how to work visually with their own clientele. Mostly coaches … however therapists, counselors, financial advisors, disability specialists and bodyworkers have also participated.

August Vol 11 Issue 16: Up Ghost River

This summer I’ve been finally getting to a few books I’ve been wanting to read … one is Up Ghost River: A Chief’s Journey Through the Turbulent Waters of Native History by Edmund Metatawabin.

This book is not light summer reading but for me as a Canadian its necessary reading given the six year Truth and Reconciliation Commission that my country has been processing through.

August Vol 11 Issue 15: Primordial Energy Activation & Transcendence (PEAT)

For 15 years now I’ve been a coach helping individuals get what they really, really want. I consider myself fortunate to do what I do … it’s an honour to be granted up close and personal access into a fellow human being’s world. My clients have taught me so much about this challenging, diverse and magical thing called life.

July Vol 11 Issue 14: Practical Energy Work

As my increasingly silver hair can attest to, I’ve been a Process Professional for two decades now. And the common denominator for successful Process Work in my opinion, whether with groups or individuals, is POSITIVE and HIGHER ENERGY.

July Vol 11 Issue 13: Are You Working For Light Or Dark?

I was catching up with a colleague of mine last week who I go WAY BACK with … we both got our start in visual process work at The Grove Consultants in San Francisco about 20 years ago (thank you David Sibbet).

June Vol 11 Issue 12: Working Visually: The Only Way Out is Through

I just finished leading 5 days of beginning and advanced trainings on working visually with groups and individuals (aka Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Coaching). As a result, a new cohort of Process Professionals are in the midst of integrating visual skills into their toolkits and practices.

May Vol 11 Issue 11: What To Do If You’ve Lost Faith in Your Work, Boss or Clients

Losing your faith in institutions, authority figures, colleagues or clients is not an easy situation. Perhaps you are going through this yourself right now. You are employed and your faith in the company, leaders, co-workers, work or product has waned. Or, maybe you are a self employed Process Professional (which many of my readers are) and you have contracts but they don’t feel so great to you anymore (if they ever did).

May Vol 11 Issue 10: 5 Ways Non-Artists Can Work Visually Too

Working visually in Process Work with groups and individuals is growing rapidly. Having been a practitioner for over 20 years (a teacher for 15 of those years) I often encounter people who are really attracted to the visual way of working but are worried they can’t do it because they “aren’t artists”.

May Vol 11 Issue 9: Let’s Make It Through These Crazy Times

I’ve been chewing my way, as many of us have, through the crazy going ons of late in our world (financial strife, wars, violence, militarization of communities, disease, environment degradation, etc). The SHIFT is upon us … its make or break time. Are we going to evolve to a higher level of being in this world… or not? I say yes, let’s do it … how about you?

April Vol 11 Issue 8: The Riches of Satisfaction Interrupted

Business and Life Coaching are offerings in my suite of services. I work mostly with Process Professionals (either internal within organizations and/or with external solo practices) and also progressive business owners and managers of various sorts. And I use a whole range of left-brain and right-brain approaches with my clients.

April Vol 11 Issue 7: Christina’s Right-Brain Journey to Date

A few posts ago I shared my left-brain journey. Now I’m going to share my right-brain journey. Not as a narcissistic exercise or true confessions but rather to hopefully be of help and service to others.

March Vol 11 Issue 6: Christina’s Left-Brain Journey to Date

I’m in the midst of evolving my website and offerings again to keep pace with my continued evolution. What I really want to do is write and share my ‘right brain story’ — as exciting developments have occurred these last few years (like kundalini awakening!). However, in order to do that, I’m being guided to first attend to my left-brain story … as it’s due for some updating.

March Vol 11 Issue 5: The Equal Value Of The Right Brain

Writing a post on the left and right brain has been brewing within me for a while. More particularly, I’ve been gathering speed for an impassioned holler for equal respect for the right brain as well as the value of integration between BOTH sides of the brain – taking a decidedly HOLISTIC approach.

February Vol 11 Issue 4: Neat Observations About Clients Using Visual Coaching Templates In Their Native Language, or Not.

As per usual, we have a great cohort in SHIFT-IT Online (online coaching group using my Visual Maps to aid professional and personal shifts). I run this program twice a year and it’s also a pre-requisite for Visual Coach Certification (for coaches, therapists and other helping professionals to work visually with their own clients and use my tools in their own practice).

February Vol 11 Issue 3: The Transforming Effects Of Chaos And Pressure

At the time of writing (February 2015) I feel it’s fair to say that our world is in a swirl of chaos. Environmental degradation is closing in on us. Our financial system is in unethical disarray (greatly in need of a reboot). Surveillance of our every digital move is supposedly commonplace (thanks Snowden for heads up). The powers to be (or want to be), in various regions, go back and forth trying to out do each other with sick displays of atrocity and mayhem.

January Vol 11 Issue 2: Are You Foolish to Want to Use Innovative Methods?

Every week I do Exploratory Calls with people from various places that contact me because they are attracted to things I do and teach. This week I found myself repeating several statements to the folks I chatted with … which made me think “this would be a good eZine article” … so here it is:

January Vol 11 Issue 1: The Visual Bio: A Handy Communication Tool

As a Process Professional (visual facilitator, visual coach, energy worker and educator), I often have to introduce myself and/or set context about my work before landing or diving into an engagement. A tool that helps me do that, both online and in-person is my “Visual Bio”.

December Vol 10 Issue 17: Visual Coaching Gift: Mini Visual Retreat with 4 Maps

Whether you are an old hand at Visual Coaching or are completely new to it, we can all benefit from reflecting on our lives every once in a while: to identify what mid-course corrections we might want to make. Sooooo, in the spirit of this holiday season … I’m gifting you my Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat, complete with 4 Visual Maps and Instruction eBook.

December Vol 10 Issue 16: The Four Ways of Working Visually

Working visually, whether in a group or individual setting, can be very effective when done correctly. I’ve been in the Interactive-Visuals field since the mid 1990s – and have worked in all of the four main genres: studio work, graphic recording, graphic facilitation and graphic coaching.

As the field continues to expand and generate more and more interest, I find it’s helpful for people new to the field (either as practitioners or clients) to understand the four main ways of working visually and how they are similar …

November Vol 10 Issue 15: Common Formats for Graphic Facilitation and Other Ways of Working Visually

One of my enjoyable activities this fall is shepherding a keen herd of visually interested professionals through The Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals via my 9-week online course.

I use web conferencing technology, plus have the ability to do live scribing via the use of my digital tablet. Very handy for explaining concepts and demos of the various things I teach.

November Vol 10 Issue 14: Bodytalk Male Case Study: Internal Clean Up For Biz Success

As the SHIFT-IT Coach, I’m always on the look out for effective methods that help my clients SHIFT be it professional or personal, or BOTH (which is usually the case because our mind/body doesn’t operate in silos).

About a year ago I dove into learning BodyTalk, a consciousness based method with wide-ranging scope. I’m LOVING it.

October Vol 10 Issue 13: Tips For Color Use In Visual Process Work

I’m right smack in the middle of leading one of my Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals online courses…

…I’m so excited with the way online technology is moving. Things that were once only figments of my imagination are now popping into reality.

October Vol 10 Issue 12: Tips for Website Creation and Refresh

One of my clients left her scientific career in the summer, to pursue her passion for Graphic Recording full-time. As such, one of her first strategies upon leaving (after taking a few weeks to decompress, relax and have some fun) was to dive in and work on her identity, brand and refresh her website … to better reflect who she is now.

September Vol 10 Issue 11: How to Shift From Consulting to Coaching

This article is for the visual practitioners who are connected with me (i.e. folks learning and/or already engaged in visual process work with groups and/or individuals: i.e. graphic recording, graphic facilitation, graphic coaching and the like). In particular, this article is for those who notice they have hesitancy about the visual way of working, even more particularly about working large and being SEEN.

September Vol 10 Issue 10: Scared to Work Large and Be Seen

I attract a lot of other Process Professionals in my work. Some want to add visual skills to their toolkits or enhance the ones they already have. Others seek help in building their practices. Others want to shift their personal or spiritual lives. In this interesting mix I also encounter professionals who do process work with groups, who want to shift into working with individuals…

August Vol 10 Issue 9: Orphan Rescues for Self Employment

I had a Distance Session client earlier this week … a follow-up with a woman who took my Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals course last season. She’s doing phenomenal … weaving the visual way of working into her current work and also strategizing a 6-month transition plan to launch into an independent practice.

In the course of the coaching session we covered a lot of territory …

August Vol 10 Issue 8: Why I Attended Contact in the Desert

I’m technically on vacation (even though I’m holed up in the lovely Palm Desert Public Library writing this Zine until I can check into my latest hotel on my road trip).

I just spent a week in the California Desert of the Mojave Preserve … right near the spectacular Joshua Tree National Park. It’s the middle of August, so it is HOT, HOT, HOT (although the locals say its actually a cool year). Kinda makes me think of the old adage about mad dogs and Englishmen, but in this case it’s a Canadian woman!

August Vol 10 Issue 7: BodyTalk: An Intriguing Resistance Buster

I’m writing this issue of The SHIFT-IT eZine on a new modality I’ve been exploring and learning this year … called BodyTalk.  A few months ago I blogged about my initial explorations via an in-person special I offered folks here in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (click here for previous post).

July Vol 10 Issue 6: 7 Tips To Build Your 50-300K Biz

I’ve operated my own facilitation- coaching-training biz since 2001. When I made the leap to the independent lifestyle, I was excited but scared as heck. Along the way I have learned A LOT not only about how to survive running a process based business but how to thrive doing what I love.

July Vol 10 Issue 5: What Abraham-Hicks Told Me On The Hot Seat

Abraham-Hicks, one of my favorites for Law of Attraction info, is currently touring their way through the Pacific Northwest … in the general vicinity of where I live.

Every year they make a stop in Portland and Seattle and an unofficial one in Victoria, British Columbia (my town), as we’re the last port of call on their Alaskan cruise. A vibrational stalker, I usually stroll the breakwater that evening to tap into their vibe in the air, hehe. Hoping I’ll get an Esther Hicks sighting (Esther, come take a stroll with me and JJ (Jerry Jr!) we’ll meet you on the dock!).

June Vol 10 Issue 4: She Needs To Create A Room

Another client story from my coaching work with Process Professionals … this one’s about developing your niche and getting yourself out there as a content leader.

May Vol 10 Issue 3: He Needs To Get In The Room

I had an interesting conversation with a wanna be Graphic Recorder last week that I wanna share … My flagship training program is FUNDAMENTALS OF INTERACTIVE-VISUALS. It teaches other Process Professionals (consultants, facilitators, trainers, managers, coaches, therapists, educators, budding scribes) how to effectively use visuals in their work with different kinds of groups and individuals.

Vol 10 Issue 2: Why Working for Nada Can Be Smart

I’m in the biz of helping grown adults SHIFT. And I do a lot of SHIFTing myself in the process too – as like attracts like. Often my clients are in the midst of a big developmental step. They are either younger folks (25-45) who really want to get clarity and traction on their professional and/or personal ‘IT’. Or more seasoned folks (45-65 … I’m in that category now so I can call us seasoned!) who had clarity and its changed on them – so they are in the process of determining what is now right for them (i.e. mid-life transition).

February Vol 10 Issue 1: Visuals to Honour A Loved One’s Passing

2014 was launched with a very special experience, the passing of my lovely Aunt Rose Mary, after a long illness … just 5 days into the year. As such, I’ve been in a thoughtful state this past month, as my family and I come to terms with her passing, each in our own way. Part of my way is to write, share and pass along lessons learned.

December Vol 9 Issue 10: How to Conduct a Mini Personal Planning Retreat Over the Holidays

Whether you’ve been doing personal visioning and planning work for a while, or are new to it, we can all benefit from doing a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat every once in a while: checking in on how our life is going and what mid-course corrections we might want to make.

November Vol 9 Issue 9: Neuroscience and Working Visually

I’m right smack in the middle of leading Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals, the online version of my visual skills course for Process Professionals who work with groups and/or individuals.

Every offering we attract wonderful people with a diversity of backgrounds and interest areas. However this fall’s cohort was particularly interesting to me as several attendees are well versed in neuroscience and multiple intelligences – a topic very new to me.

October Vol 9 Issue 8: How Coaches, Therapists and Other Helping Professionals Use Interactive-Visuals

This article is the third in a 3-part series. The first article explained how Authors, Speakers and Trainers can use Interactive-Visuals to better their work. The second article explained how Organizational Leaders, Consultants and Facilitators most commonly use the visual approach. And this final article, explains how Interactive-Visuals are used effectively in coaching, therapy, counseling and other personal development work (a topic close to my heart).

September Vol 9 Issue 7: How Organizational Leaders, Consultants and Facilitators Can Use Interactive-Visuals

Note: This article is the second in a 3-part series. The first article explained how Authors, Speakers and Trainers can use Interactive-Visuals to better their work . In today’s article, the second in the series, I’ll explain how Organizational Leaders, Consultants and Facilitators most commonly use the visual approach. And in an upcoming third article, I’ll explain how Interactive-Visuals are used effectively in coaching, therapy, counseling and other personal development work (a topic close to my heart).

August Vol 9 Issue 6: How Speakers, Authors & Trainers Use Interactive-Visuals

I was just on vacation in Mexico at a health spa and participated in the obligatory introduction round of new members. We shared our name, geography, something we were passionate about and something we could teach others. My answers were … Christina, Victoria, British Columbia, Law of Attraction and “I can teach you a visual method to powerfully improve the effectiveness of your professional work with groups or individuals”.

June Vol 9 Issue 5: The Merits of In-Person vs. Virtual

A few weeks ago I hosted our annual in-person Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals workshop (beginning course that preps you on the four main ways of working visually). I also just completed the core training for this season’s cohort of Certified Visual Coaches. In both these experiences, I answered questions on the merits of in-person work vs working virtually (electronically) with clients. So the topic of today’s eZine is front and center in my mind.

May Vol 9 Issue 4: The P Words of Your Professional Practice: Process & Positioning

It’s a busy and fun May. My Magic Marker Masterminders are coming for a retreat (as you read this, we’ll be smack in the middle of Day 1). And the week after that I travel to co-host a 2-day retreat for our THEO Accelerator. Both of these programs, in one way or the other, support participants in defining and aligning with their “IT” … most often some sort of helping or process professional venture (be it as a coach, therapist, counselor, consultant, facilitator, trainer, visual scribe, empathy/intuitive or other process oriented role). And, given my visual predilections, some are keen to integrate visual tools into how they work too.

April Vol 9 Issue 3: Inner Work for Those #@!* Days

One of the things we do here at SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. is help people define and manifest their professional and personal goals. While this work is very rewarding overall, anybody who tells you that going for your goals is all sugar and spice and everything nice, is … well, full of #@!* (insert expletive of your choice).

April Vol 9 Issue 2: 7 Tips To Build Your 50-300K Biz

I’ve run my own biz for over 12 years now. When I started, I was excited but scared as heck. Along the way I have learned A LOT about not only how to survive but how to thrive doing what I love.

February Vol 9 Issue 1: Give… Yet Know Your Worth

Given the supportive and personal nature of the work we do here at SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc., its not unusual for clients to send us updates about how they are, what they are doing, and indicate how the outer and/or inner work they did with us has continued to impact them … often with expressions of appreciations.

December Vol 8 Issue 14: How To Do Visioning Over the Holidays

Whether you’ve been doing personal visioning and planning work for a while, or are new to it, we can all benefit from doing a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat every once in a while: checking in on how our life is going and what mid-course corrections we might want to make

November Vol 8 Issue 13: The Joys and Challenges of Group Dynamics

Back in the day when I studied Organizational Development, we learned a model of development for teams called The Tuckman Model. And it’s something I’ve come back to again and again in the decades since in my facilitation and coaching work … it’s a model that has really stood the test of time, not only in my practice but for process consultants across the globe.

November Vol 8 Issue 12: Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus … You!

I’m in the midst of fulfilling our fall programs here at SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.  Have completed SHIFT-IT Online Group, and am in the middle of Thrive in the Time of Awakening & The Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals … plus am navigating interesting curriculum and biz expansions for 2013 and beyond.

October Vol 8 Issue 11: Is it Procrastination or Right Timing?

The leaves are a lovely smattering of colours here in the Pacific Northwest. As fall descends upon us and we nestle in for cozy time, switching out light clothes for heavier ones and taking a more insular approach to the gorgeous environment we live in.

I’m feeling that satisfying ‘back to school’ vibe too … as all fall courses are up and running and I’m having fun meeting new students and connecting further with ones I’ve worked with before (with Yorkie JJ on my lap as I run the webinars).

September Vol 8 Issue 10: (SHIFT-IT) Trust Your Rapid Acceleration

It’s been a fascinating fall so far … I feel like my Inner Being has pushed the accelerator button … sending me into rocket mode! Ahhas, insights, breakthroughs, clarity, momentum … is happening at such a rapid speed. Do you feel that push of energy too? And I’m not talking caffeine! The intensity factor seems to have gone up another notch with our individual and collective SHIFTS. And those who are sensitive can consciously feel the acceleration occurring. It can be very uncomfortable at times (as negativity and old ways of being are transmuted) but an exciting process for sure!

September Vol 8 Issue 9: (SHIFT-IT) The Positive Role of Angst and Discomfort

September is one of the consistently lovely months on Canada’s west coast. As such, I have been taking advantage of our lovely weather before the rainforest showers kick in. Normally I wouldn’t be up to catch the dawn like this … but J.J. my new Yorkie (and his teeny bladder) have successfully turned me into a morning person where nothing else has. Well, he gets me up … I’m still working on being chipper at that hour.

August Vol 8 Issue 8: (SHIFT-IT) Create Your Signature Style

As the SHIFT-IT Coach, I help fascinating individuals get their ‘it’ into the world. Your ‘it’ may have a visual component or your creativity may be expressed in other ways. Whatever expression your creativity takes, our work together is a process of helping you discover your innate signature style.

August Vol 8 Issue 7: (SHIFT-IT) The Importance of a Safe Haven for Your Authentic Self

I hope you are having a lovely summer (if it’s the warm season where you live). And that your creative and authentic self is shining – whether you express it with markers or not.

May Vol 8 Issue 6: (SHIFT-IT) How to Handle Visual Skeptics

Lately I’ve been experiencing some similar conversations … chats with my students, mentees and interested bystanders about how to persuade authority figures who are skeptical about the visual way of working. And I figured it warranted an article.

April Vol 8 Issue 5 : (SHIFT-IT) Keep Perspective on Your Developmental SHIFT

Spring has sprung. The early cherry trees have burst into bloom … this morning as I walked back from the gym it was like walking through petal snow … so many of them blowing through the morning breeze.

March Vol 8 Issue 4 (SHIFT-IT) How to Successfully Launch a Visual Practitioner Career or Hobby

Things are going really great these last few weeks.  Really hitting our stride in this season’s programs. SHIFT-IT Online wrapped up after its 7 week run … wonderfully supportive cohort with members with a high degree of personal awareness and ability to be vulnerable and share. A real pleasure.

February Vol 8 Issue 3 (SHIFT-IT) Relationship: Are You a Distancer or Pursuer?

It’s a mild winter here in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada now. We had our snowstorm over the holidays but now it’s the usual rain, rain, rain (which keeps the trees green).

January Vol 8 Issue 2 (SHIFT-IT) How to Effectively Select a Visual Practitioner

2012 started with a whimper (me in bed with a nasty flu … hate it when I get time off and that happens) but now it’s off to a BANG … with lots of course registrations and private coaching & private training inquiries flooding in.

January Vol 8 Issue 1 (SHIFT-IT) Visual Tools to Map Your New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012!

As a coach I love the New Year energy … and this year is such a special one too!

Every year I gift my readers a ‘Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat” tool set … so see this issue’s article for exactly that. It’s a way for you to harness the New Year energy and do some powerful personal visioning for yourself … in a visual way of course!

December Vol 7 Issue 18 (SHIFT-IT) Transformations Via The Tube

I’ve had an ‘interesting’ fall with lots of changes. Good change … but even positive change requires some integration time.

While not a big T.V. watcher generally … I’ve found myself cocooned in front of the tube (or more accurately my laptop screen) as the days have grown shorter and darker … being a voyeur on other people’s transformation experiences.

December Vol 7 Issue 17 (SHIFT-IT) In Appreciation of Jerry Hicks: Wouldn’t It Be Nice If …

Last week I heard the news on the passing of Jerry Hicks from Abraham-Hicks – a man who through his wonderful work has influenced me deeply.

I only met Jerry in person once (briefly on one of the Abraham-Hicks cruises). But I, like so many from around the world, feel a strong affinity with him and his mission via The Abraham-Hicks teachings.

November Vol 7 Issue 16 (SHIFT-IT) The Brouhaha About 2012

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not got a whiff of the 2012 speculation. In a nutshell, its all sorts of theories that propose that this year (and/or the years leading up to and following it) are special. The depth and breadth of that specialness is what varies. Some think our world is going to be obliterated. Others think we are going through a dimensional shift (3D, 4D, 5D … which we may or may not recognize when it happens … or its going to happen to some but not others). Others think it’s all a bunch of bogus hogwash.

October Vol 7 Issue 15 (SHIFT-IT) The Four Ways of Working Visually

Interactive-Graphics is a wonderful way to work – whether in a group or individual setting. I’ve been in the overall field for 17 years now – and have worked in all of the four main genres: custom chart work, graphic recording, graphic facilitation and graphic coaching.

September Vol 7 Issue 14 (SHIFT-IT) Use Visual Life Maps to SHIFT Your Path

I was recently reading Jane Fonda’s new Prime Time book (having really enjoyed her autobiography a few years back). In both, she talks about the power of reviewing one’s life and the positive impact doing so had on her ability to navigate her next chapter with grace.

September Vol 7 Issue 13 (SHIFT-IT) My Journey with Graphic Coaching

I was interviewed about my Graphic Coaching niche for an American T.V. show earlier in the year … called Meet the Experts.

While Arielle Ford and I didn’t have time to go into it, many people ask me how I came to have such an unusual profession … so this article outlines the evolution of Graphic Coaching and the path I took to create this my unique work and how I now teach others to do it too.

August Vol 7 Issue 12 (SHIFT-IT) Smartly Use Your Summer for Strategic Growth

I’m an independent professional — and most of the people I coach are too (or they want to be). As such, the summertime presents an interesting opportunity for those of us who are consultants, facilitators, trainers, coaches and the like. With over a decade of being self-employed, I’d like to offer a few suggestions for those who might be newer to the terrain … so you can truly enjoy this special time of year.

June Vol 7 Issue 11 (SHIFT-IT) Thrive Tips for These Accelerating Times

About 18 months ago I was feeling the pull to create a new program. A program where I would teach my clients not only about the online way of working but also about the other side of business expansion — emotional and energetic mastery. Something that most online biz programs do a poor job of addressing, if at all.

June Vol 7 Issue 10 (SHIFT-IT) The Generosity of Memoirs

When I’m really busy I look for simple ways to shift my energy and step out of my own life for a while – get a ‘different vibe’ so to speak. I like to put myself into someone else’s shoes — so I can lose myself in their world (and vicariously learn a bit in the process too).

May Vol 7 Issue 9 (SHIFT-IT) Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

A good mentor is worth their weight in gold. Sometimes their advice, wisdom and perspective on a situation can open up a whole new way of being – that shifts the trajectory of one’s life.

April Vol 7 Issue 8 (SHIFT-IT) Soften The Sting Of Betrayal

I tend to write The SHIFT-IT e-Zine around actual things that are happening in my own SHIFT-IT process and that of my clients – and this issue is no exception. Unfortunately the subject is betrayal, or at least perception of betrayal. Lately I have had a series of betrayals and so have some of my clients (Law of Attraction tends to work that way). Long-term friends or clients doing crappy things, esteemed mentors being hostile, employers or employees being self-centered and dates/mates acting out. Seems to be in the air lately for a lot of us.

April Vol 7 Issue 7 (SHIFT-IT) How To Create and Evolve Your Offerings

I’m coming off a busy and buzzing week … providing ongoing coaching to my Biz and Life Accelerators (incubator where I teach the basics of building an online biz while simultaneously doing your inner work), launching the 2011 cohort of Certified Graphic Coaches, and putting together two new webinar series to run late May – early July with wonderful collaborators.

March Vol 7 Issue 6 (SHIFT-IT) Lessons Learned from 10 Years as a Solopreneur

This week marks the tenth year anniversary of me going into business for myself. Back in 2001, I left an internal position that had served me very well … as a Graphic Recorder/Facilitator/Trainer for The Grove Consultants International (pioneering group graphics firm in San Francisco founded by David Sibbet). It was a heck of a time to leave and make the leap into self-employment … given September 11th occurred later that year (one of many trying events that the American economy has been dealt this decade). But these things are only known in hindsight of course!

March Vol 7 Issue 5 (SHIFT-IT) What’s Your Default: Shame or Grandiosity?

In my role as The SHIFT-IT Coach I have the honor of observing many different types of people up close in the sanctity of our coaching alliance. My clients hire me because they want a SHIFT … usually in the area of ‘right livelihood’ … either creating a solo professional practice of some sort or a related small-medium size business, or enhancing an already existing one (taking it to the next level). I also assist on life issues, like resolving family conflicts, relationship dilemmas and occasionally body, fitness and health concerns — as these more personal aspects are often connected to the business or lifestyle shift they desire.

February Vol 7 Issue 4 (SHIFT-IT) ORPHAN RESCUE (PART TWO)

After the initial round of soothing, see how what you are saying is ‘landing’ with your orphan. Are they taking it in? Are they understanding what you are saying to them? Find out if there is anything else that they are concerned or confused about and explain that layer of things to them too.


Do you ever get overly emotionally triggered by things in your life? Do you seem to react more than is necessary? Is old baggage preventing you from creating what you really want in your life now? If so, my latest visual map, called “Orphan Rescue”, is an integration tool that unlocks the mystery as to why you react the way you do and how to SHIFT-IT — so you can create the life that you really want.


As a coach (with a pioneering visual approach) I’m a huge proponent of literally mapping out your vision (your desired destination) as well as your game plan (actions to reach that destination). However, I’m an even bigger proponent of clarifying and doing your INNER WORK … getting to the heart of what is causing interference (resistance) with what you want … if writing and implementing a vision and action plan just isn’t enough to quickly manifest what you want (which in many cases it isn’t).

January Vol 7 Issue 1 (SHIFT-IT) Envision a Successful 2011 With My Gift of These Four Visual Maps

Whether you’ve been doing personal visioning and planning work for a while, or are new to it, we can all benefit from doing a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat every once in a while: checking in on how our life is going and what mid-course corrections we might want to make.

December Vol 6 Issue 23 (SHIFT-IT) Graphic Coaching: The Benefits of Working Visually with Individuals, Biz Partners & Couples

I had a very exciting past week – just got back from San Diego where I taped an American television show called “Meet the Experts”. The host, Arielle Ford, is a well known Law of Attraction author and publicist to well known personal growth gurus Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Louse Hay, Debbie Ford and Wayne Dyer.

December Vol 6 Issue 22 (SHIFT-IT) Build Your Team to Assist Your SHIFT Acceleration Book Picks

Earlier this year I kicked off a brand new, deluxe coaching program … called The Biz and Life Accelerator (applications now complete for this year). It is a 9-month Elite Mastermind of solo entrepreneurs and small business owners in the 50-300K range. We apply both outer and inner work models to growing our businesses and ourselves.

November Vol 6 Issue 21 (SHIFT-IT) My Top Ten Acceleration Book Picks

On Twitter last week I was asked about my favorite book recommendations. Erin Kreeger from Ontario, Canada was asking for my favs in the graphic facilitation and visual thinking genre. Inspired by her question I’ve decided to expand the genre to my overall ‘Acceleration Reading Picks’ … the Top 10 books that have influenced me in my biz and life SHIFT.

November Vol 6 Issue 20 (SHIFT-IT) The Hero & Queen Archetypes and Law of Attraction

Wow, things have been accelerating in my world — how about yours?! We are in the midst of building a new website … today’s new e-zine design is the look of things to come. We also started two new programs this month … an online version of my Fundamentals of Interactive-Graphics course and also my premium Biz and Life Accelerator (incubator that focuses on both the outer world tools of using an online biz model and the inner world skills of aligning your energy and mood via Law of Attraction and Soul Integration techniques). I am thrilled with how both groups are proceeding!

October Vol 6 Issue 19 (SHIFT-IT) Mentees, Expansion And Wouldn’t It Be Nice If:

In the last few weeks I have been blown away by the rapid expansion that is occurring around me — of the visual way of working, the acceptance of the importance of inner work & energetics and to the blooming of my students, mentees and workshop attendees as they unfold in their own unique ways.

October Vol 6 Issue 18 (SHIFT-IT) Visioning Rule: Go As Specific As It Still Feels Good

I’ve been doing a lot of visioning work lately — with corporate graphic facilitation clients, with drop-in coaching clients on the Monday night SHIFT-IT Central calls, and with applicants to my new Biz and Life Accelerator. During some of these experiences I have been reminded of a useful visioning and Law of Attraction rule — go as specific as it still feels good. In this article, I’m going to explain what that means and give examples of how you can get this rule working for you.

September Vol 6 Issue 17 (SHIFT-IT) Tips to Accelerate Your Biz and Life, Now!

There often comes a time in life … sometimes several times, when we feel the need to get serious and ‘put the pedal to the metal’ so to speak — on accelerating some or several aspects of our life. As The SHIFT-IT Coach, people in this stage are usually my best clients. They are ready to make a SHIFT and are determined to make it a successful one. And they know that getting good, quality instruction and support will make their SHIFT quicker and more efficient. And softer and sweeter by having the company of inspiring others by their side.

September Vol 6 Issue 16 (SHIFT-IT) The 4 Methods of Interactive-Graphics Work

Interactive-Graphics is a wonderful way to work – whether in a group or individual setting. I’ve been in the overall field for 17 years now – and have worked in all of the four main genres: custom chart work, graphic recording, graphic facilitation and graphic coaching.

August Vol 6 Issue 15 (SHIFT-IT) 6 Tips & Visual Map to Create Powerful Personal Vision

I spend a lot of my work time helping individuals, groups, and organizations figure out what they want and how to go about getting it. A key ingredient in that recipe is creating a compelling and engaging Vision. Identifying one’s desires then painting a sensory-rich picture of that compelling destination as a preliminary step to manifesting it


August Vol 6 Issue 14 (SHIFT-IT) Craft Your Powerful SHIFT-IT Statement

This week my team and I launched a new program at SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. The new program is called SHIFT-IT Central® and its weekly time is Mondays at 5 pm pacific.

It’s a low-fee weekly program for new and seasoned SHIFTers … a supportive community to learn and effectively apply SHIFT-IT, Law of Attraction, and Soul Integration principles to your evolving journey.

July Vol 6 Issue 13 (SHIFT-IT) Go for Your ‘A’ Life

Each of us has it … that leading edge in our life that calls us forth … that image and feel of our ‘A’ life beckoning us into Becoming Our Next Self.

July Vol 6 Issue 12 (SHIFT-IT) Latest Law of Attraction Tidbits

If you are a new e-Zine reader, you may not know of my deep appreciation of The Teachings of Abraham — ala Abraham-Hicks.

Jerry and Esther are the inspirational husband and wife team who have faithfully been bringing this information through and sharing it for the last 20+ years….

June Vol 6 Issue 11 (SHIFT-IT) Flex Your Focus Muscles for Fast Results

I’m in Southern California this week, in the La Jolla and Del Mar area. Julie (my biz manager) and I attended a training conference and I added on a few days afterwards – to check out the area and have some peaceful thinking and writing time.

June Vol 6, Issue 10 (SHIFT-IT) Top 10 Soothing Thoughts for Adult Learners

I’ve been surrounded by A LOT of adult learners lately – through the clients I train and coach and through my own learning ventures (I’ve taken up both golf and painting in the last few months).

May Vol 6, Issue 9 (SHIFT-IT) Find the Feeling Place of Success

Manifestation lessons show up in the most interesting places – this week it was on a sunny golf course.

I’m on the wait list for a one-year trial membership at a golf club where my parents have been members for years (the lovely Royal Colwood course here in Victoria, British Columbia). I could tell a funny story about one of the sand traps on a Friday night in high school … but I’ll restrain myself.

May Vol 6, Issue 8 (SHIFT-IT) Attract Visual Thinkers in Your Clientele

I have been exposed to a lot of techniques and approaches over my career and I have made a very conscious decision to primarily work in the ‘INTERACTIVE-GRAPHICS’ medium (meaning I use graphics and visuals to help facilitate reflection and decision making for groups and individuals). I’ve made this decision because working graphically is so effective and rewarding.

April Vol 6, Issue 7 (SHIFT-IT) Yes, Your Creativity is Valuable and Worth Developing

The last few weeks my team and I have been busy fielding inquiries and booking spots for my upcoming trainings The Fundamentals of Interactive-Graphics and The SHIFT-IT Certification Program. It’s always an interesting process as we witness the different manners and attitudes in which people value their creativity and make their way into my programs (or not).

April Vol 6, Issue 6 (SHIFT-IT) The Art of Being ‘Generative’

I had a personality test done a few years ago – back when I was in a coaching group with some other online entrepreneurs. It gave me some really revealing results about myself and my style of relating. Or, should I say, my styles (plural) of relating.

March Vol 6, Issue 5 (SHIFT-IT) When You Change and They Don’t Like It

You have a goal or a whole set of them. You figure out your Vision. You create and implement a plan. You deal with your own ‘Trouble at the Border’ issues … all those little (and sometimes big) internal and external gremlins along your path. And your New World and New Self begins to manifest right before your eyes.

February Vol 6, Issue 3 (SHIFT-IT) Get to the Heart of It

As it’s February, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I have really fond memories of this celebration as a little girl. I think its then that I first discovered my love of paper and design – those cool little Valentines Day kits … of hearts with the little perforated edges that you popped out to give to your friends (the smell of the heavy pink and red inks, all the writing of heartfelt notes and the inevitable paper cuts).

January Vol 6, Issue 2 (SHIFT-IT) Shift to Self-Employment – Plot Your Plan

I’ve opted to write this issue’s article on the shift from working inside an organization to ‘going out on your own’ – becoming an independent solo practitioner and/or small business owner … and how to plot your plan to do so.

January Vol 6, Issue 1 (SHIFT-IT) A Classic Visual Manifestation Aid

Its an oldie but a goodie, the Vision Board exercise. Sometimes called a Vision Collage, Treasure Map, Vision Map, etc. A wonderful ‘graphic’ way to define and align with what you really want.

December Vol 5, Issue 24 (SHIFT-IT) Creation Tips for a Rockin’ 2010

Well, an early Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my SHIFT-IT readers … as this is the final issue for this year.

December Vol 5, Issue 23 (SHIFT-IT) Do You Have a Healthy Sense of Self?

Well, its definitely moving into the winter season here in Victoria, British Columbia – which thankfully just means overcast and rain for the most part (so far no snow).

I’m having a hard time believing its December already – you too?

November Vol 5, Issue 22 (SHIFT-IT) How to Expand Your Ability to Receive

Getting reports back from my Graphic Coaching Clinic graduates – about how they are integrating their new skills. Congrats to Kelly for a successful reception to the Process Overview Map she created and used the very next week with her Nation. To Martine for the fabulous visual handout she posted on the Global Community of Graphic Coaches Facebook page – and to Ann on getting in weekly icon practice and moving forward on her Life Preserver visual tools. Keep the reports coming in ladies and get your private mentor call booked – I love helping you to integrate your visual learning! us attendees are making great headway …or marker way more accurately!

November Vol 5, Issue 21 (SHIFT-IT) Live Your Authentic Life

Hi there 🙂 … right now I’m standing in a room that is pretty much papered from wall to ceiling – filled with all sorts of visual work. It’s the third and final day of The Graphic Coaching Clinic – and my fabulous attendees are making great headway …or marker way more accurately!

October Vol 5, Issue 20 (SHIFT-IT) Add Some Yin to Your Repertoire

Holy smokes, its mid October already … geez, where DOES the time go?

We’ve had such a beautiful extended sunny season here in Victoria B.C. that fall has kind of snuck up on us

October Vol 5, Issue 19 (SHIFT-IT) Strange Days Indeed, Most Peculiar Mama!

Hosted the ‘Unleash the Power of Working Visually Webinar’ … with over 300 of you registered from around the world – thank you for your excellent live questions and comments

September Vol 5, Issue 18 (SHIFT-IT) our Orientation to Life?

One thing that’s always on my Positive Aspects Map is my appreciation of the beauty of Canada’s west coast, where I have the good fortune of living.

The weather was so nice that I slipped away for the awesome Grilled Seafood Salad at Milestone’s in the Inner Harbour (with this great view out the window).

September Vol 5, Issue 17 (SHIFT-IT) How to SHIFT Your Cranky Mood – Fast!

Well, it’s officially September … boo hoo.

We’ve had such an excellent summer here in beautiful British Columbia that I (as the sun worshiper that I am) am reluctant to let the season slip away.

However, I soothe myself with the thought ‘you can always travel to the sun when you want to’. So visions of Palm Desert in December make me perk up. Ahhhhhh, a rainy winter isn’t so bad when I break it up with a few little travel trips!

August Vol 5, Issue 16 (SHIFT-IT) Develop Your ‘Spidey Senses’

I’m enjoying the last weeks of summer here on the west coast. Beautiful dawns and pretty sunsets – it continues to be a lovely season. The fall is lining up nicely. There are three programs I’m facilitating: the SHIFT-IT Virtual Group that starts this Saturday. The Manifestation Mastermind in Oct. Followed by The Graphic Coaching Clinic (skills training) in early November. As much as I enjoy summer, I’m ready to get into some coaching and graphics skills training with you all!

August Vol 5, Issue 15 (SHIFT-IT) Hot and Bothered? You Aren’t Alone!

We’ve been having a heat wave here in Victoria, British Columbia the last while (makes up for the lousy summer in ‘07 when it rained for two months!). Heat wave for us means we jumped from 20s to 30s (got consistently over 100° F). I know, not a big deal for some of you … but its record breaking for us islanders – wink! Even slept on my roof deck one night to keep cool (natural A/C) … watching the stars.

July Vol 5, Issue 14 (SHIFT-IT) My Best Tips For Attending Your First Abraham-Hicks Workshop

Ahhhh, I love the Pacific Northwest summer. With early birthday celebrations (the real day is Tuesday but I will be working), going over to Seattle to catch the Abraham-Hicks workshop, and seeing all sorts of new and old friends – well, let’s just say I have been having A LOT of fun lately.

July Vol 5, Issue 13 (SHIFT-IT) Ouch, My Uranus is in Opposition – You?!

A belated happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians and a happy 4th of July to you Americans!

June Vol 5, Issue 12 (SHIFT-IT) Tips for a Successful Transition

Happy summer – the solstice is this weekend! Powerful time to set your intentions and align energy for your next phase of things.

June Vol 5, Issue 11 (SHIFT-IT) The Ever–Expanding Visual Community

Been a busy time since last issue. Hosted my 3-day Graphic Coaching Clinic here in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Thankfully the weather cooperated beautifully so attendees were able to work outside on the lovely terrace at times.

May Vol 5, Issue 10 (SHIFT-IT) What ‘In the Vortex’ Means

Spring has sprung in Victoria — trees are bursting into leaf, cruise ships are in port and I’m hauling the deck furniture back out. There is something so stabilizing about the reliable ebb and flow of the seasons isn’t there!

May Vol 5, Issue 9 (SHIFT-IT) Recommended Relationship Resources

Wow, its May already isn’t it! How did that happen? Time is flying by. With my first ever Graphic Coaching Clinic just around the corner, I’m preparing for the great group of folks that are coming (from all across North America and two from the U.K. even!). Fascinating people with all sorts of diverse backgrounds – the common denominator is they all resonate with the visual way of working and want foundational skills to apply to their own coaching, consulting and training processes.

April Vol 5, Issue 8 (SHIFT-IT) The Pros and Cons of a Dysfunctional Past

When you SHIFT one area of your life, it can often have unexpected consequences in another.

Over several years, I’ve shifted my livelihood from being a traveling Graphic Facilitator to being The SHIFT-IT Coach.

April Vol 5, Issue 7 (SHIFT-IT) Turn Crap to Gold

Last week I did a quick trip to Los Angeles … for some fun, sun and Abraham vibes.

March Vol 5, Issue 6 (SHIFT-IT) Triggered? … Could Be an Orphan Callin’ Out!

The month is trucking along … and I’m doing lots of fun things, a few are quite meta-physical (cause I’m fascinated about the meta-physics underlying change and transformation work).

March Vol 5, Issue 5 (SHIFT-IT) The W5’s of Coaching with Graphics

It’s been a whirlwind of good stuff since I got back from the Abraham-Hicks Mexico Cruise. Right away I was back in connection with Abraham … as Hay House Radio offered a call-in show with Jerry and Esther Hicks. And I made it on as a caller!

February Vol 5, Issue 4 (SHIFT-IT) The Economy According to Abraham-Hicks

Well, I’m back from the Abraham Hicks cruise down in Mexico … and quite frankly, I’m now missing the warmth, the beauty and the relaxation. Ahhhhh, I wish they offered their cruises for two weeks instead of just one.

February Vol 5, Issue 3 (SHIFT-IT) How to Decipher the Law of Attraction

What do Canadians do in the midst of gloomy February … head to the nearest sunny locale! Luckily I’ve figured out a way to combine the pursuit of sun with something that warms my heart and mind too – the soothing guidance of ‘Abraham’ via the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks.

January Vol 5, Issue 2 (SHIFT-IT) It Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word

Made you look with that title didn’t I!? What’s the dirty word I’m talking about – ‘internet marketing’.

You’ve probably noticed that I use a variety of internet marketing and visibility tools to get the word out about me and my work. And as such, a good portion of my client base is at least somewhat interested in how to use the internet to promote their own niches. I say ‘somewhat’ because they have varying degrees of internet marketing and sales resistance – and its that resistance that I’d like to help shift in this article.

January Vol 5, Issue 1 (SHIFT-IT) Attract Your Life Partner Via Four LOA Tips

There must be something in the air right now, because a lot of my clients are focusing on ‘relationship’ in their coaching sessions. Either that, or its just good old ‘like attracts like’ happening as this is an area that I’m focusing on presently– so I’m attracting matching clients. It’s amazing how that works.

December Vol 4, Issue 19 (SHIFT-IT) TELL YOUR 2009 STORY

Whether you’ve been doing personal visioning and planning work for a while, or are new to it, we can all benefit from doing a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat every once in a while: checking in on how our life is going and what mid-course corrections we might want to make.


I knew this week that I wanted to write something about the visual approach. Something about the importance of our creative sides and ‘art’ in general. Something about the INTEGRATION and importance of both sides of our brain – the rational AND the creative.


From all appearances, the world seems to be going a little haywire here in late 2008. The environment is taking a beating, the economy is going through global testing of a new level, and many people are uncomfortably suffering through situations that they feel they ‘have to’ do rather than want to do.

November Vol 4, Issue 16 (SHIFT-IT) MY AIRPORT SURPRISE

As I backed my car out of the garage, focusing on the mirror that was close to the wall … I heard a sickening crunch on the other side of the car. In my haste to get to the airport and my focus on the mirror side, I had left my driver’s side door wide open … and driven it right into the doorway … Crap! No damage to the garage entrance thankfully – but I did a real number on my car window. It wouldn’t close properly … a good five-inch gap. No way could I leave it parked at the airport in rainy November weather like that. So, I re-parked it in the garage and called a cab.


As a Law of Attraction practitioner I’m doing my conscious best to bring this philosophy and way of being into my business and into its organizational culture – to walk my talk. To not only coach others in how to use these powerful principles in their work and life but to build a congruent business and working environment that practices what it preaches.


It’s been a windy time of late with the economic and political happenings in the U.S. and abroad whipping up an emotional and physical storm. And a hugely important time from a vibrational standpoint – because, how we focus now will determine what kind of future we create individually and collectively.


Social demographers and researchers have been tracking the emergence of a new category of people in the last 50 years. Known by several labels (‘cultural creatives’ ‘integrals’ and ‘greens‘) this group of 50 million (25% of the adult population in North America and an additional 80-90 million estimated in Europe) is unique for their shared interests in ecology/global awareness, social justice, self-actualization, spirituality and self-expression.


I have a guilty pleasure confession to make – I’m a bit of a DVD nut. Lately I’ve been blitzing through the third season of a favorite National Geographic channel show, called the ‘Dog Whisperer’. Have you seen or heard of it? It follows the ins and outs of ‘dog psychology expert’ Cesar Millan.


Business growth is learning how to work effectively with the Law of Attraction (LOA) – and both can take a while to get the hang of! There are times when you are sailing along and all is going fantastic (when you are in alignment) and other times when you can’t seem to do anything right and attract one tough situation after another (not in alignment).


After 14+ years I’m pulling down my shingle as a graphic facilitator and graphic recorder (using visuals in large group settings) in order to devote more time and space for my rapidly growing ‘graphic coaching’ business (using visuals in smaller settings with individuals, couples and biz partners). November marks my last Meeting Graphics 101 training ever… so in homage to my graphic past… here’s an article about the benefits of these wonderful group skills with some tips for beginners entering the field.


I just got back from an intense ‘success workshop’ that rattled me (some of the things modeled about wealth acquisition and law of attraction methods, while not necessarily incorrect, did rub against my value system). Those of you who have been on my list for a while, realize that over the last several years, I’ve been incorporating more and different types of marketing techniques in my own coaching and info product practice. This issue’s article is a bit of self-therapy … to help me articulate what I believe and stand for on these interesting topics.


Did you know that in dreams, a house almost universally is a symbol for one’s life? That this dream imagery is an archetype that transcends all borders and cultures – a sign of just how important homes and living spaces are to the human psyche.


Been working in a certain area for a long time? Ready to move into newer territory? I hear ya! But how do you know when it’s truly time to go? Listening to these signals can make your SHIFT easier and smoother … and enable you to make your transition in style.


The last few days I’ve been watching a remarkable documentary series that has interesting considerations when one looks at it from a SHIFT-IT and Law of Attraction perspective. The series is called “Up”… 7 Up, 14 Up, 21 Up, 28 Up, 35 Up, 42 Up and 48 Up. Have you seen it?


We’ve all have them. Sometimes they last a short period. Sometimes they last weeks, months, years, decades – yikes, perhaps even a lifetime. I’m talking about downward spirals. Where negatives things pile one on top of another, until it seems that is the only reality that exists.


One of my SHIFT IT clients, Margaret from Denmark, asked me during one of her coaching calls to explain what my daily practice is like. She wanted to know what a regular day was like for me and what I do to live the SHIFT-IT and Law of Attraction principles that I teach and preach.


It’s OK to Follow Your Bliss: Chances are, you already at least somewhat know what you like and want in your profession and personal life. If so, let me emphasis that it is ok for you to follow your own bliss. It’s ok to be into things that others around you perhaps don’t understand or get (at least not yet). We are each wired with our own likes and preferences. So, start following the things that YOU like most — the things, ideas, experiences that bring you joy and pleasure (even if you have NO CLUE about ‘how to make money’ with them).


Ok, if you have been reading me for a while, you know my current idols are Jerry and Esther Hicks of The Teachings of Abraham fame. Maybe you are sick of reading about my fascination with Law of Attraction (LOA), but frankly, I just can’t get enough of this great information. I’ve been studying it since 2000, but this year I’m finally, really getting it (after listening to over a decade of their recordings since I got my hands on their full collection a year ago!)


It’s a brand new year. And in January, the news media trots out the different experts to talk about goals, aspirations and new year resolutions. I totally believe in the ability of people to change their lives (if I didn’t … it really wouldn’t sense for me to be called The SHIFT-IT Coach now would it?!). However most of this advice tends to be pretty boring and conservative – the same old, same old.


Whether you’ve been doing personal visioning and planning work for a while, or are new to it, we can all benefit from doing a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat every once in a while: checking in on how our life is going and what mid-course corrections we might want to make. Ideal times to conduct a mini retreat are late December / early January when a brand new year is upon you, when you have some vacation time to step out of your usual existence, or the anniversary date of a particular event or coaching alliance (for example, clients will often do a review session like this on the anniversary date of their initial SHIFT-IT retreat with me to freshen things up).


In order to become a match to the things that we really, really want in our lives, we first need to vibrate like them. That means we need to somehow come into the same energy or frequency as them. My Law of Attraction teachers, Esther and Jerry Hicks (via the teachings of Abraham) have many processes that will help us do this. Right now I’d like share one of those processes with you – a deceptively simple one called ‘Positive Aspects’. And, as I’m a ‘graphic coach’, I’ve created a visual map to aid you in doing this, so you can even more deliberately focus your thoughts and feelings.


This week I celebrate and relinquish an old identity and step fully into a new one – and boy does it feel good! After 12+ years as a strategic planning facilitator, change management consultant and graphic mapmaker – I am ‘folding up my flipchart stand’ so to speak, in order to focus exclusively on my SHIFT-IT graphic coaching and law of attraction practice. So, in this article, I’m going tell you how I made my own shift, so you can apply the same SHIFT-IT principles to your own career and lifestyle change.


“Be a creator, rather than a regurgitator of what is”. How’s that for an opening line – out of the mouth of Abraham, my favorite Law of Attraction source. Couldn’t think of a better way to grab your attention – to the importance of getting your focus off of your present situation and onto what you really do want – that creation that lies beyond your regurgitated status quo.


A few issues back I wrote a tips sheet on how to create a Vision Board (otherwise knows as vision collage, or treasure map). A great preliminary visioning exercise that helps you begin to define what it is you next want for yourself in your life. As discussed, there are lots of other ways to do visioning work beyond this classic exercise. I’ll list a few here, however I think its worth going into why visioning is a useful thing to do, regardless of what method you use.


Feeling kind of off? Energy being sapped? Not as satisfied as you used to be? Chances are one (or several) of the eight main areas of your life are not functioning as well as they could be. As a first step to realignment, may I suggest doing a Life Wheel on yourself. A handy little tool that will help you quickly and easily pinpoint what areas are out of whack and provide the inspiration and motivation to get you back on track.


Urrrggghhhh, doesn’t it suck when you get in those situations where something or somebody really gets to you. Maybe it’s an unpleasant work situation with an employer, client or colleague, or a personal one with a friend or family member. Or some sort of agency, organization or outfit you have to deal with that isn’t going well. Whatever the players, the energy is still the same: it feels like something is being done onto you and you’ve lost your sense of personal power and control. And, ultimately, you want to get it back and feel good again.


In the underground hit movie The Secret (introductory movie on Law of Attraction principles), there is a scene where a man unpacks and shows his Vision Board to his young son, only to realize that they are now living in the very house that was pictured on his board (created several years prior). And, during one of Oprah’s recent shows on The Secret, guest Lisa Nichols showed her Vision Board – in it were the words ‘Lisa Reveals All on Oprah’ – she definitely manifested that one!


Last week I hosted one of my Graphic Bootcamps: an advanced skills training workshop for people who want to learn more about the graphic way of working with groups and individuals. I noticed a really interesting trait in my attendees: a lot of them are just itchin’ to make their work more fulfilling and interesting – to try something new (in this case – using graphics in their work).


Question: What is an effective way to speed up my manifestation process? Answer: Get happy about where you currently are. Yup, getting ok with where you currently are is a great way to get what you eventually want.


Transitioning? Ready for a change? Want to become your next self? Now is a great time to do some good reflection and shift work on you and your life. Stake out your vision, determine your next steps – deal with that itty bitty shitty committee that is keeping you from moving forward.


Law of Attraction is turning up all over the place it seems (actually that is part of the law!). Perhaps you have been hearing about it? Its getting a lot of play in movies like The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know, etc. My favorite teachers of it, Esther and Jerry Hicks (ala Abraham), are topping the charts with their books on the subject: Law of Attraction, Ask and It Is Given, and The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent.


Sick of what you are doing? Ready to leave your old world but not sure what your new world is? In that painful in-between place? Ahhhhhh transitions. The tricky challenge of moving from one world or way of being into another. When life kicks us out of our comfort zone so we can become our next self.


I have a guilty pleasure confession to make – I’m a bit of a DVD nut. I watch a lot of movies (especially when I get fed up with TV and have my cable disconnected). Lately I’ve been blitzing through the first season of this National Geographic channel show, called the ‘Dog Whisperer’.

Oct. Vol 2, Issue 10 (SHIFT-IT) THE W5s of GRAPHIC COACHING

Graphic coaching is a new, visual way to do coaching and personal development work. This article gives you the lowdown on this emerging methodology: the who, what, where, when and why of it, as well as a little bit of the how thrown in for good measure…


Visual bios are really handy documents – they are a creative and unique way to summarize and share your career path with others. I’ve seen them applied in job interviews, grad school applications, used by CEOs, experts, workshop leaders, etc to communicate the path of their development, etc. They are different from the Life and History Maps that I’ve written of before – Visual Bios focus pretty strictly on your career or professional path (as opposed to your whole life)…


We’ve all have them. Sometimes they last a short period. Sometimes they last weeks, months, years, decades – yikes, perhaps even a lifetime. I’m talking about downward spirals. Where negatives things pile one on top of another, until it seems that is the only reality that exists. In the last few weeks I’ve fielded several calls from colleagues and friends who are in a down place. They’ve hit a bump, a logjam — what seems…


I have been exposed to a lot of techniques and approaches over my career and I have made a very conscious decision to primarily work in the graphic facilitation medium (meaning I use graphics and visuals to help facilitate thinking and decision making for groups and individuals). I’ve made this decision because …


Having problems in the money department? Struggling to look after yourself properly? Lacking a sense of abundance and prosperity?…


Life is short. We spend such a large percentage of our time earning our livings at ‘work’ — doesn’t it make sense to actually do something we like and enjoy? …


In the coaching groups I run there are usually at least a third or so of the participants who are single and no longer wish to be — who would like to focus their SHIFT-IT process, at least partially, on shifting the relationship area of their life…


In my SHIFT-IT and Graphic Coaching work I help clients identify what they really, really want and help them get it. One area that commonly comes up is desired changes to their physical body, weight and physique. In working with different clients, male and female, here is some ‘food for thought’ about the issues and complexities connected to this interesting area…


Time and again I encounter clients who sacrifice their own health, mental outlook and well being for work and others. Over time, they have developed unhealthy patterns and habits that accumulate in shocking ways. As entrepreneurs or employees (internal managers and leaders) they don’t eat well, don’t sleep well, don’t take proper time off —- bit by bit they gain weight (or drastically lose it), burn themselves out from constant stress and adrenaline rushes, and develop lifestyles that are unhealthy and unsustainable…


Whether you’ve been working on goal / personal visioning work for a while, or are new to it, we can all benefit from doing a mini visioning process every once in a while; checking in on how our life and its trajectory are going and what mid-course corrections we might want to make. Ideal times to do a check-in on how your life is going are…

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