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March 1 – May 17: (Level 2): Merkley’s Manifestation Mastermind: This advanced experience is for past SHIFT-IT alums (Home Kit purchasers, Group Coaching participants, or Private Retreat attendees). Now that you have a strong foundation established via the Merkley Maps, you’re ready for even deeper Law of Attraction processes and principles. Also includes real world tools of internet marketing, web technology, virtual team creation, etc. — so you marry inner and outer tools in order to create your desired reality. This is a 12-week webinar program (no travel – all calls recorded). More Info

May 20-22, 2009: The Graphic Coaching Clinic. My first ever fundamental skills training exclusively focused on “graphic coaching” – using visuals in coaching, counseling and personal growth settings. Full Details and Significant Early Bird Special Next Issue!

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