Ouch, My Uranus is in Opposition – You?!

Ahhhh, I’m leaving myself open for a bunch of very bad jokes with that title, aren’t I!  FYI, for you more conservative folks … this article is pretty high on the woo woo factor – so consider yourself warned (its my birthday so I’m gonna have some fun)!

Since November, I have been feeling a huge push of energy and agitation in my life and work (and from what I hear, many of you have too!).  A real dissatisfaction with the status quo and a desire to break up and out.  As such, I’ve been seeking out different types of resources to help make sense of what is going on and how I can move through this phase as gracefully and authentically as possible.

Vicki Noble: Uranus Opposition & Other Astrology Goodies

Last month I had a session with one of the ‘grande dames’ of the women’s spirituality movement – Vicki Noble.  Vicki is the co-creator of the Motherpeace tarot deck (using female imagery and archetypes). As a visual nut, I really resonate and appreciate tarot as a system of deep symbology and universal patterns.  I’ve had some tarot training myself and often throw a spread or draw a card when I’m looking for inspiration and/or guidance for myself and clients.  Just a little wink or validation from the universe.

I contacted Vicki with the intent of having a tarot session with her famous deck (nothing beats working with the original creator!) but she steered me into an astrology reading instead – something she is also very adept at.  I must admit that I’m not a huge astrology fan.  I actually do believe that the massive ebbs and flows of the planets, stars and other heavenly bodies do exert a toll on us humans (ask any emergency room professional and they’ll attest to the often dramatic powers of a full moon).  But, I haven’t really encountered an astrologer who could win over my rational mind – actually tie their charts and strange configurations to real things in my life.  Until I met Vicki, that is.

Vicki confirmed (which I already knew) that our planet is going through a huge flux of energy and transition right now.  And, she explained to me that I was also personally right smack in the middle of my Uranus Opposition (stop chuckling – I can hear you!) — that it started in November (where several things imploded on me) and will continue through to March.  Uranus Opposition is more commonly known as a ‘mid-life crisis’.  Oh joy! (said with sarcasm in case you can’t tell – wink!).

After I got over my shock of being referred to as middle aged (geez, I guess the 40s will do that to a person, eh!) … I listened in fascination to her explanation of this fertile time in a person’s life.  How this cycle “is the culmination of our life direction and the shift into a new direction.  We often experience unexpected events that shake up our old realities, messengers bearing synchronistic messages that jar us loose from old perceptions, or feelings of restlessness or even anxiety that disrupt old patterns” (this quote is from Susan Dearborn Jackson).

Does this sound familiar? Are you going through the same thing?  Not everyone has their Uranus Opposition at the same time … its usually somewhere in the 38-41 age … then culminates by early 50s.  So, if you are intrigued by this, you might want to have your chart read by a skilled practitioner – affirm the greater context and patterns that are unfolding in your life (we still have freewill in terms of how we are going to move through them!).

Marcia Schafer: Beyond Zebra

Another thing that I did on my recent quest for information was to have a session with another interesting woman – Marcia Schafer.  Marcia is the author of a fascinating book called ‘Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist’.  A business consultant by trade, she’s also a psychic/medium and has a lifetime of encounters with extraterrestrial life (wow, I can really sense some eyes rolling and some eyes zeroing in to read more with that sentence!).

The whole UFO and ET thing is not a huge interest area of mine (and I tend to stay clear of the conspiracy theory realm – not good vibes) – but I am into ‘consciousness’ in its many forms and also think it is naïve to believe we are the only conscious life in the massive multi-verse.  Also, I have been having some interesting experiences of late involving ‘seeing’ energy, activated by an experience on an Abraham-Hicks cruise earlier this year.  I’ve always felt energy and have wanted to see it, so I intended to talk to Marcia about the things I have begun to see.

Sessions have a way of not being what I think they will be – which is good (keeps things fresh).  Marcia began by sharing four of my past lives that she had been shown by the Guides she works with – these lives being the most relevant given my current circumstances.  I’ve been trained in past-life regression too … so I enjoy that kind of discussion (I think of this information as metaphorical since it can’t really be proven).

The first life that she shared with me was as an Atlantean (I know, cliché but hey!).  That I had lived in a time of very advanced technology so I am now unconsciously frustrated by not having things immediately at my fingertips (boy, is that frustration true!).  The next lifetime was as a female leader with extensive Celtic/goddess training – that I took over during a smooth transition and was very organized, methodical and liked to plan and think ahead (geez, can anyone say ‘strategic planning’!).  Another was as a young man in a French crusade – following orders but not completely convinced that they were morally right.  Then a Byzantine female merchant who in secret provided people with remedies that matched their ailments (sort of how I now match clients with processes depending on how they are presenting).

My Soul’s Purpose:

Marcia also shared with me her interpretation of my Soul’s Purpose, as communicated by her and my Guides.  With the risk of boring you and being self indulgent, I’m going to share my Soul’s Purpose here now, as it really resonates with me.  I offer it to get you thinking about your Soul’s Purpose (what are you here to do?!):

“Because she has achieve more in other lives, this one has at times felt less fulfilled and she hasn’t known why.  This is not a lifetime of leadership because she has done that before.  But it can be one of inspiration.  Thus she can come out of hiding more and be who she is professionally for greater gains.  Her role is to reactivate herself in this lifetime to get back to the spiritual acolyte that she once was and that became lost in a series of lifetimes that served others and other’s ideas of what God and service should be.  Now she is to find her inner core of servitude to self and God. That can be parlayed out towards people in a way that is comfortable and allows her to gently open doors to understanding in a non-threatening way.  Some personal work still remains with love in the heart.”

As Marcia confirmed for me, my work is similar to the Byzantine merchant and Celtic leader of old.  To help get information and skills out to the people who come my way.  Because all of you have things that you need to actualize in order to live authentic and enjoyable lives.  My graphics, strategic planning, law of attraction, energy awareness, empathy skills etc can be used in a disciplined and structured way to help you define and give shape to your light.  Cause the world and the SHIFT that is going on, needs each of us to be activated and turned brightly on!

So, on the eve of my birthday, I declare my intent and invite you to declare yours – let’s roll!

© 2009 Christina L. Merkley

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Christina Merkley, “The SHIFT-IT Coach” and creator of the SHIFT-IT Method® is a Visioning and Strategic Planning Expert specializing in Graphic Facilitation and Law of Attraction techniques. Based in charming Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, she works deeply with individuals, partners and groups in defining and getting what they really, really want. For more information visit: www.shift-it-coach.com

2 comments on “Ouch, My Uranus is in Opposition – You?!

  1. Laura Walters on

    Hi Christina!

    Loved your Uranus Opposition posting – how fascinating to have gotten those readings and sessions and so much introspection into your situation right now! I’m going to check out some of the resources you mentioned.

    Also saw you are coming to the Seattle Abraham-Hicks session. Hope to see you there! I’ve enjoyed following your blog and your Tweets and really appreciate your work and inspiration.


  2. Christina Merkley on

    Hi Laura. Thanks so much! 🙂 Glad to hear some inspiration and ideas have been conveyed. Hopefully I’ll see you at the Abraham-Hicks event … Esther is incredible as is Abraham of course!

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