Don’t get me wrong … I appreciate me a good conspiracy theory. I wouldn’t be a proper card carrying 6 on the Enneagram if I didn’t.   But after consuming a batch of my regular alternative media viewing: Gaiam TV, Solari Report, Project Camelot, and the various authors/speakers associated with Contact in the Desert … well, let’s just say I need to exercise my positivity and upliftment muscles.

I find its all well and good to focus (for a while) on what isn’t working. Its not a winning strategy to hide one’s head in the sand so one does need to poke around and try to learn just what the heck is going on in our world. Not an easy task in the age of the internet with dubious sources and deliberate misinformation too. But, after a point, ya kind of get the gist. And its not a very good gist. It’s the kind of gist that can become overwhelming and can drastically interfere with one’s Vibrational set point, where all our power lies … if one lets it. (and if you believe in the conspiracy that is its intent, to get us off of our power).

Sooooo, what personally makes me feel better in the face of our seemingly depressive state of affairs is the knowledge that life is never static and is therefore always dynamic.   We create the future individually and collectively out of what we focus on and what we believe. And that my power, our power as a human collective, is to use the contrast we see mid-stream as a clarifier. To help us get clear on what we DO want and DO prefer and put our focus on those solutions rather than the problems that generated them. To SHIFT-IT!

Flip It, Flip It Good!

Some of these things may take generations to get worked out, but we play our part in evolution by ‘taking the bounce’ (as Abraham-Hicks says) in our now. By not getting bogged down by the icky, depressing, cloying negativity that may seem to surround, but by using our Source given powers to focus on upliftment. For our benefit and for the benefit of the generations who will come.

That’s what I LOVE about being a Process Worker. It can be depressing at times. Rejuvenation and clarification of purpose is often required to keep going and keep one’s eye on the prize (consciousness expansion and positive evolution). To walk our talk instead of just spouting it. But how gratifying to be a part of. To fight the good fight (must be a metaphor that doesn’t have aggression in it, but hey, you get what i mean .. to hoe the garden!). To be part of the solution rather than just contributing to problems.

Here’s to all the Process Workers out there, keep going!   Take the bounce. SHIFT-IT!  May you have a good week and good career and life!

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