You know it’s not easy talking about oneself and trying to explain what you do … especially when you do unusual things that only certain folks have reference points for.

Thankfully, with the growth of the Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation fields, knowledge and understanding about some of the things I have been doing for decades is now rapidly penetrating mainstream consciousness.

It seems Interactive-Visuals are everywhere nowadays … heck, I was watching TV a while back and a visual explainer video came on for a well known online matchmaking company. You know you aren’t in Kansas anymore when that happens!

globalThankfully working visually and other innovative methods for working with groups and individuals, communicating important messages, and energy alignment are finally getting their due. When I entered the work twenty years ago it was a very select and niche field. Its still niche but the growth has been exponential. Every day we field inquiries about our innovation training and coaching offerings from folks across the English Speaking world … even some who don’t speak English who try to ask questions in interesting ways, (hehe … its amazing what stick figures can communicate)!

And I’m finally getting around to updating my messages too (cobblers’ kid syndrome and the problems of just being too busy …which is a good problem to have!). Years ago I was one of the first to have videos up on the web demoing graphic recording, life maps, etc, but they are now SADLY outdated and swamped by growing numbers of folks who have entered the pool.

During my summer vacation I crafted an overarching Explainer Video to attempt to provide a framework for me and my offerings. A video to explain to folks who I am, a bit about my background, and the work that me, my team and our squad of Certified Visual Coaches do here at SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. And to relay that message in the visual Whiteboard style that is our stock in trade here. And frankly, to also help me more tightly organize my own identity as I do many things and I’m constantly morphing.

I think it was a successful adventure … at least I sure had a GREAT time creating this Whiteboard Animation with the wonderful Sarah Moyle (a past Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals student who has very successfully and rapidly transitioned her internal position in a well known I.T. firm to in-house visual support for her organization).

Partners in Video: Christina Merkley and Sarah Moyle

Partners in Video: Christina Merkley and Sarah Moyle

And I intend to create more videos soon to better explain our popular offerings: Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals, SHIFT-IT Online, Visual Coach Certification and Biz Essentials for Process Professionals).

Lemme know what you think. Does it make sense? Anything we missed? Something that doesn’t make its mark? All feedback (good, bad and hopefully not too ugly) will help us communicate more effectively.

Yours in expansion,
Christina Signature
The SHIFT-IT Coach and Interactive-Visuals Mentor


  1. Judy Hamza on

    Hi Christina

    Great video! I loved the story of your journey and I thought that you did a great job explaining the many areas where you can add value. That must have been tough to capture the biz pieces along with the spiritual pieces but it really works! I think using the term Holistic really helps define your work. Well done!

  2. Christina Merkley on

    Thanks Judy! I appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment here on the blog (got lots of likes and support over on Facebook too, thanks everybody!). Yes, was a challenge to give an overview on the work, but also keep it simple too. Holistic felt right to use. To get to the left-brain / right-brain synchronization that occurs in a lot of what SHIFT-IT is about. Thanks hon. xo

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