Graphic Facilitation Training: New August Offering

FYI, due to demand we’ve added an additional IN-PERSON BEGINNER GRAPHIC FACILITATION TRAINING on August 22-24, 2018 in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

This training is for Process Professionals: anybody who works with groups and/or individuals and wants to learn effective visual methods to keep your clients interested, engaged and having fun! This includes but is not limited to leaders, managers, consultants, facilitators, trainers, coaches, teachers, therapists, scribes and many others.

Great Colleagues From All Over

Up Close and Personal Instruction

Training in-person is a delight – so nice to be able to see you in full 3D and help you manipulate the materials in your hands. We get the chalk dust flying!

My Visual Skills workshops attract Process Professionals from far and wide, who want to train with me in person AND see this beautiful part of the world.

In June we had folks from across North America, and from the UK, Saudi Arabia and China. Lots of folks have British Columbia on their bucket list!

We’ve kept the rate at the usual Early Bird level for the whole summer, 7 spots are left.

New Summer Offering: Just 7 Spots Left:
In Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
August 22 – 24, 2018

Click Here for Full Details and Registration

Visual Techniques Are Helpful To Add To Your Process Toolkit Because:

  • 87% Of Population Are Visual And Kinesthetic Learners (Whole Brain Approach);
  • Greater Clarity Of Key Concepts, Decisions And Agreements Occurs;
  • Conflict Reduces And Collaboration, Empathy And Momentum Increase;
  • Can Be Used In Digital And Online Settings Too;
  • It’s A Humane, Transparent, Healthy Method … Enjoyable For Participants And Practitioners Alike;
  • One Does NOT Have To Be An Artist To Work Visually. It’s About Serving Good Process, Not Art … And I Share Lots Of Tricks That Demystify The Methods. If You ARE An Artist You’ll Most Likely Gravitate To The Studio Work And Scribing Applications While Your Process Colleagues Will Most Likely Gravitate To Process Applications There Is Plenty Of Room For Everyone In This Helpful Field!

Lots of Work at the Wall

Work With Like-Minded Colleagues

Work With Like-Minded Colleagues

You emerge impressed with how much you learned, with the ability to immediately apply back in your own environment.

Up Close Demos

Being an early adopter of these techniques (over 2 decades now) I’ve successfully mentored 2500+ people from across the globe. I have extensive experience in corporate, governmental, non-profit, small business and solopreneur settings. So can skillfully meet you where you are at and how you want to apply these useful skills.

This is a unique opportunity to learn in person with me and a great bunch of colleagues. I provide the walls, paper, markers and other goodies … and gently, step-by- step move you through these 3 powerful days of instruction.

This workshop also includes immediate access to valuable learning materials (instructional videos, icon libraries, portfolios, lettering guide, etc.). Plus after the course you are automatically added to our Working Visually eCommunity for ongoing monthly support.

New Summer Offering: Just 7 Spots Left:
In Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
August 22 – 24, 2018

Click Here for Full Details and Registration

Looking forward to hosting this powerful experience for you – and, if you haven’t been here before, to introducing you to Victoria, British Columbia and the beauty of Canada’s west coast!

P.S. Dates of this offering don’t work? Don’t want to travel? There is a Fall Online Version of this course coming up Oct. 8 – Dec. 19th. Additionally we have a convenient Home Study Version of this course that is available at any time. If you want to learn Graphic Facilitation, we have multiple learning formats to suit your specific needs.

P.P.S. Also available: Private Training (you come to me) and customized In-house Workshops (I come to you if you have a group to train).

P.P.P.S. This course, like all of our courses, is in Canadian currency. Given the current low Canadian dollar this translates into an additional 25+% savings for Americans and other visitors.  A good time to nab excellent professional development.


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