More Photos From San Miguel de Allende

Couple more days into Sketching Fast & Loose workshop in San Miguel de Allende. Lots of eclectic folk art and architecture. Beginning to move into people and gestures. Gonna need a private with Rhoda Draws on faces (no more faceless star people if I’ve got a bit of extra time). Catrina parade is tonight … mucho painted faces!

Food is awesome, on a rooftop terrace… tacos & margs.

Little carry purse works well for pencils and pens.

Sugar ornaments that decorate the altars.

Sugar Decorations

Street vendors

Marigold Door Frames.

Folk Art Mask

Folk Art Peacock

Folk Art Devil

Skulls Everywhere!

First Take On The Peacock

Mask in Pencil

Wall Hangings Ink

Merman and Catrina

Church Square

Dancing Couple

Dancing Couple

Skull 1

Skull 2

Skull 3

Take 2 on Mask

Skull 4

Posing with the Mojiangas

Take 2 on Peacock

Mojiangas Take 2. Do It Fast & Loose…

Catrina in el Jardin

Clay Catrina on fireplace at Mask Museum.

Clay Catrina on fireplace at Mask Museum.

Sketch of Parroguia

Moor Masquerader Masks

Face Practice

Mask from the Dance of the Viejos (old men)

Sketch of Jardineros masks

Random fast marker faces

More fast faces via marker

Celebracion de Carnifal

Celebracion de Carnifal

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