Visual Coaching Retreat This Weekend

New Years is a busy time of year for my Visual Coaching work. As the turnover of one year to the next is the perfect time to contemplate who you now are and what you now want to accomplish in your work and life.

SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process

Visual Coaching is particularly powerful during times of change when an old self is making way for a new one:

  • New Years And Holiday Breaks;
  • Significant Birthdays, Anniversaries And Other Milestones;
  • Relationship Changes (Birth, Death, Union,Separation & Endings);
  • Education, Career and Geographical Transitions;
  • Health Challenges And Body Wake Up Calls;
  • Aging, Retirement And Caregiving Stages;
  • Provocative Changes in Our Macro World: Political & Cultural Change;
  • And, When Your Soul Just Yearns For The Next Step In Your Evolution.

FYI, below are upcoming opportunities to apply the power of Working Visually to your own personal visioning and planning for 2019 and beyond:

Visual Coaching Retreat This Weekend:

This upcoming weekend I’m co-facilitating a condensed Online Retreat with Spiritual YouTuber Bridget Nielsen on Dec. 29&30.

She’s providing me and my Visual Coaching methodology as a helpful guide to her audience on how to do effective personal visioning and planning for the year ahead and beyond.

SHIFT-IT for Starseeds is offered online via a condensed format and is fully recorded. I’m contributing a pack of my specialized Visual Coaching tools and show participants on how to effectively use the visual methodology to steer their Inner Work over the course of the weekend.

This Online Retreat is open to the public, so if you have a spiritual bend and value doing some condensed Visual Coaching in a good feeling community … come join us. Should be a fascinating time!

Full Details and Online Registration

Currently on 10th Anniversary Special
Full Visual Coaching Course Begins January 12th:

At the beginning of every new year I facilitate SHIFT-IT Online using my full suite of Visual Coaching tools via 7 live webinars on Saturdays.

This live online course allows you, from the comfort of your own location, to connect with others from around the world who are SHIFTing IT too. Great support and camaraderie with other Visual Thinkers.

Full Details and Online Registration

Currently on 10th Anniversary Special
The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit: Available at Any Time

We have an instantly downloadable SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit that you (or the person you are gifting it to) can access from the comfort of your own home. Curl up with the Visual Map Pack, Markers and Step-By-Step Videos to do powerful personal reflection.

Kit includes membership in The SHIFT-IT eCommunity. Plus come as a Repeater Guest for any Annual Online Retreat.

Full Details and Online Registration

2019 is my 10th year of empowering fellow Process Professionals in integrating the power of Working Visually into your own toolkit and offerings.

Visual Coach Certification trains you in the underlying visual techniques and equips you with a step-by-step proven process that helps your clients effectively shift work and life for the better. Certification includes 40 Visual Coaching exercises with accompanying Visual Maps. Plus extensive case studies,demos and learning support to get you fully up and running within the year.

There are two pre-requisites. Our 2019 Cohort starts April 2nd and is currently accepting applications. See our 10th Anniversary Special.

Full Details and Online Application Process

May 2019 be a pivotal and transformational year for all of us and our gorgeous planet.  Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and New Year.

Yours in visual expansion,

The SHIFT-IT Coach and Process Skills Mentor

P.S. For a full roster of products, services and 2019 courses click here.

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