Need Extension For Our New Year Sale?

We are on the final countdown for our New Year’s Sale. It’s fun to see both the new and familiar names in the orders that have come through.

Christina Merkley, Process Professional

Christina Merkley, Process Professional

For familiar folks, I appreciate having a chance to work with you again. We’ve had productive fun together already, and we are going to have some more. Thank you, I look forward to that!

For the new folks, curiosity kicks in when I see your name, location and the product or service you chose. Who are you? How do you serve in the world? How can I help you do that even better? I look forward to learning the answers to these initiatory questions.

My clientele has changed over the years. In the early years of SHIFT-IT School all of my clients were investing out of their own pocket … given my work was considered too avant garde for most organizations.

However, as ‘Working Visually’ has become mainstream, increasingly companies are paying for their employees to take my courses (even the so called touchy feely ones). How great!  The times they are a changin’. 

Given that, some of you are working hard to get your internal approvals accomplished in time to take advantage of our sale (including those stuck in the oh-so-fun government shutdown in the U.S.)  Please know we’ll do what we can so you won’t be left out. 

To assist last minute joiners, we commit to keep the New Year Sale pages active until Tuesday.  If you need a longer extension, write my assistant Patricia Harris at to sort things out on an individual basis. 


Take a Public Course, Study at Home or Secure Private Mentoring. Draw Your Best Out!

Thank you again for your interest in my work and instruction. I look forward to a powerful 2019 in Visual Process Work. It’s catalytic times we are in … the perfect time to be a Process Professional.  Game on everyone, game on!

Yours in SHIFTing IT,
Christina Merkley

P.S. Extended to Tuesday. Browse sale here.  Contact Patricia if you need a further extension at or 1-866-925-2351.

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