SHIFT-IT eCommunity, January 5, 2019, Drop-In Webinar

Hosted The SHIFT-IT eCommunity on the weekend – for grads of my Visual Coaching Courses (SHIFT-IT, Practical Energy Work and Visual Coach Certification). Good group showed up.  After check-ins I directly coached two members with topics they brought forth. 

The first on her upcoming court date with her ex-husband regarding custody changes for their son.  Used Focus Wheel technique with Harmonic Co-Parenting as what to find the matches for — amazing harvest came forth of what she DOES appreciate about her son’s father does bring to the table.

Focus Wheel: Harmonic Co-Parentingsi-ecommunity-1-5-2019
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Next was a woman transferring leftover Dad issues onto her male mentor.  We helped her split apart what was then (and did some Orphan Rescue) and what was now (did some business coaching). She’s courageously doing the work of true adult individuation so she can become the powerful process lead and trainer she’s capable of being. Onward ho!    

Focus Wheel: Get Confident with My Mentor
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Next Drop-in Webinar for SHIFT-IT eCommunity is Sunday, January 27, 11am-12:30pm pacific. 

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