A Note From Christina:

I hope you and yours are doing ok during these shift times.

As I draw thoughts and feelings out of folks from across the world, I see a lot of different circumstances. Some are having the best of times. Some are having the worst of times. And the majority, like myself, are somewhere in between. Our souls certainly didn’t pick a boring time to incarnate, did they?!

As I write, I’m taking a little breather between SHIFT-IT School semesters, as my team preps our Fall 2021 courses (see below).

We improved some infrastructure on my sites. It wasn’t sexy and took some time, but should make interactions more fluid, especially for mobile users.

Note from Christina merkley exploring Vancouver Island British Columbia

Ancient Fossils at Muir Beach

Note from Christina merkley exploring Vancouver Island British Columbia

Sprout Lake Inner Tubing

As much as I feel born for these times, the last 18 months were A LOT. It’s been awesome to kick back a bit, breathe, enjoy the beautiful British Columbia nature, and even do some inner tubing … thanks Karen that was so fun!

Note from Christina merkley exploring Vancouver Island British Columbia

Introducing Presley!

Those of you who have known me for a while, know that I lost my Yorkie JJ under tragic circumstances. Broke my heart.

I now have a new doggie sidekick. I’m convinced JJ made the match, as I sent out a subtle energy communication … and within days my neighbor handed me this little bundle of love!

Presley is 5, with a checkered past (I like that in a woman) and curls up on my desk when I Zoom. Just like JJ, she loves to be right in the action!

Hope you too are able to rejuice before, what is sure to be, another intense season descends upon us and the world at large.

Check out my Fall 2021 Courses if you could use some assistance personally and/or want to train to assist others … all in the visual way of course.

My non-dual Seva of complimentary Process Popups and Individual Recorded Sessions continues – support to any and all during these shifting times.

Yours in shifting it,
Christina Merkley

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