End of summer here in North America. I adore summer …

I prefer to take all of August off. Since Covid began, I haven’t really been able to do that. So, it was a partial month off at least, which was still pretty good.

We have a glorious woodsy backyard, with various hangouts, depending on what the sun is doing and what kind of temperature I feel like.

With a large extension cord for my laptop, I set Presley and myself up in an outdoor office. Tackling the emails. Providing coaching and inquiry sessions. Also doodling my own Self Inquires in a big notebook to keep myself sane (processing diverse types of people and beliefs during these intense times isn’t always easy).

Also quite a bit of supervision of my Visual-Coaches-in-Training (several are coming up on their Final Exam). A big thank you to all of the volunteers who have acted as Test Clients lately. We sooooo appreciate your support of the emerging field of Visual Coaching!

stack of books in the gardenSomething I’ve been able to thankfully do more of lately, is read.

I am a bit of a bookaholic. I buy books knowing there will eventually come a time that I am meant to read them.

This is my reading stack from the last while.

When I call boundaries on work, and head to my little off-grid reading nook. My hermitage.

Ahhhhhhhh, so satisfying to dig in. Read about fascinating lives, deep spirituality, and other topics that I’m drawn to.

As I often get asked what I’m reading, here’s a brief list of this summer’s stack:

  • I’m in an active Kundalini process (frankly the whole world is now!). My process goes through phases of activity and dormancy. The Master and the Disciple and The Guru’s Gift are stories of fellow Kundalini experiencers.
  • Jennifer recommended Christie Tate’s Group, after participating in my Visual Satsang. Such a good read! I recommend it a lot now, especially to folks who get discouraged that their patterns keep playing out. Don’t despair, there is hope!
  • Kundalini deposited me unceremoniously on the doorstep of Vedanta and Self Inquiry. I’ve been learning about the tradition ever since, especially its migration from India to North America. Discovered Christopher Isherwood’s My Guru and His Disciple in a used book store. A fascinating read of his forays with Vedanta in Los Angeles in the 50s, 60s and 70s.
  • photo of christina's feet and reading with her puppy Presley at the end

    Off Grid with Prezi

    If/when my cryptos come in, I intend to build a conscious community and sustainable co-living for fellow creatives and seekers/finders.

    I love stories about how quirky retreat centers come into being. The Ruth Denison biography, Dancing in the Dharma was both entertaining and educational.

    She was the first to do women-only vipassana and meditation retreats in America.

    Created Dhamma Dena center in the Mojave Desert of Joshua Tree. What a life!

  • Another fascinating Buddhist read is Tenzin Palmo’s Into the Heart of Life. Just ordered The Cave in the Snow: A Western Woman’s Quest for Enlightenment, which covers how this London lass ended up becoming a Buddhist legend – after secluding herself in a Himalayas cave for 12 years! Puts my hermitage to shame, hats off!
  • Slipped in a few channeling and shamanic titles in Jesus: My Autobiography, The Fall and Travels on the Northern Path of Initiation.
  • Last but not least, two super important reads. Joan Halifax’s Being with Dying (helpful prep for any spiritually inclined person or caregiver). Did not disappoint – beautiful!
  • And, a hot-off-the-press and very timely Psychology of Totalitarianism. If you are following my Telegram and Rumble channels, you are aware of my concerns in this area. Oy vey!

As my summer and reading glut comes to a taper, my focus turns to my Fall trio of upcoming programs: SHIFT-IT Online, Private Visual Satsang and Visual Coach Certification (more details below).

Also below is a big bravo to Cathy Walsh from the UK, for integrating visual skills into Mental Health programs for the NHS – great Grad Spotlight!

Plus, a super brave Self Inquiry video with a dear friend, graciously allowing us to look inside her personal decision-making process.

Yours in SHIFTing IT,

Christina Merkley,
Visual Coaching and Satsangs

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