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It’s Tuesday, so I’m about to lead the weekly session for this season’s Visual Coach Certification®. Today we’re covering “Focus on the Future”, ways to hold the aspirational space for clients, so they can effectively envision their desired “Next Self”. Visioning is one of my favorite activities, so it’s very fun and enjoyable to pass… Read more »

[Visual Coach Certification] Monday is Application Deadline …

Working visually with clients in coaching, counselling and other one-to-one environments is powerful and fulfilling – for both client and practitioner alike. Personally it’s my favourite way of working and I LOVE mentoring other Process Professionals who work with individuals, partners, couples and families (or want to) on how to do it! FYI, the 2014… Read more »

[SHIFT-IT Coach] Last Chance to Get Certified in Visual Coaching This Year …

The 2014 deadline for empowering coaches, therapists and other helping professionals to use our custom Visual Coaching methods and tools is fast approaching (must apply by Monday the 24th to be considered for this year’s cohort!). If you are a process professional who wants to add the power of working visually to your own work… Read more »

In Your Words: Lisa Land May

ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCES! “My journey through Visual Coach Certification is one of my most favorite professional and personal experiences.  I sought out Christina Merkley’s expertise to develop my Graphic Recording skills for use in the consulting business I own with my sister.  What I found was my PASSION …… Read more »


I’m in the biz of helping grown adults SHIFT. And I do a lot of SHIFTing myself in the process too – as like attracts like. Often my clients are in the midst of a big developmental step. They are either younger folks (25-45) who really want to get clarity and traction on their professional… Read more »

[SHIFT-IT Coach] Visual Coach Certification Quickly Approaching…

Working visually is SO powerful (and enjoyable) for your clients … and you! As you might have spotted in the SHIFT-IT e-Zine and on our sites … two important course deadlines are fast approaching. 1. March 24th is the Application Deadline to be considered for 2014 Visual Coach Certification cohort (program begins April 8th). 2.… Read more »

In Your Words: Steph Martini

WHETHER YOU ARE A COACH, FACILITATOR OR GRAPHIC RECORDER, THESE COURSES ARE WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF “As a real estate and business coach, I focus on the whole person; life coaching is a natural result. With a strong passion for expressive visual and kinesthetic communication, Visual Coach Certification (including its 2 pre-requisites) was… Read more »

Visuals to Honour a Loved One’s Passing

Audio Version: Click Player to Stream or Right Click on Link to Download. For full Audio Library of Past Messages, Click Here Download MP3 2014 was launched with a very special experience, the passing of my lovely Aunt Rose Mary, after a long illness … just 5 days into the year. As such, I’ve been… Read more »

[SHIFT-IT Online] Make 2014 a Breakthru Year …

I’m SOOOOO looking forward to our SHIFT-IT Online start on Saturday. The marvel of modern technology that allows us to connect another across vast geography (and common desires) never ceases to amaze me … its very cool times we live in for sure! This leading-edge Visual Coaching experience is for people who are ready to… Read more »

[SHIFT-IT Online] Launch YOUR Shift This Saturday …

This Saturday a new cohort launches for our signature online coaching program “SHIFT-IT Online”. Offered only twice a year this powerful 7-week online experience boosts your work and/or life shift. Become Your Next Self — especially poignant during these fast-changing times. SHIFT-IT Online starts Saturday February 1st, at 10am pacific (11 mountain, 12 central, 1pm… Read more »