[Upcoming Course: Practical Energy Work] Harness The Right-Brain Intelligence Of Yourself and Your Clients

At SHIFT-IT School I offer a broad range of left-brain and right-brain courses and development experiences, all designed to boost the level of satisfaction, meaning and fun in your work and life.

Last year I added a very well received new course to my roster: Practical Energy Work, my most “right-brain” program to date.


In my mainstream career as a Facilitator and Coach I slowly woke up to the existence of an ‘Ingredient X’ in my work. Underneath all the left-brain, logical, linear work (including the visual displays) there is a powerful right-brain, emotional, energetic component with groups and individuals that is just as important … if not more so.

congruent-notcongruentFor successful shifts to happen the right-brain needs to be activated, engaged and onboard. Without doing so one risks powerful opposition, resistance and even sabotage.

On the surface you may seemingly have agreement or compliance but underneath it can be a whole different ball game. And over time the effects of whether the underlying energy is congruent or not will play out.

toolsMy right-brain awakening has taken me on a fascinating path of gaining all sorts of tools. I spent over a decade researching and applying Law of Attraction techniques with my clientele (mostly the Abraham-Hicks material). And have studied hypnotherapy, voice dialogue, shamanism, sound & brain waves, and trauma research.

I’ve also learned several energy work and consciousness modalities these last years (BodyTalk, Matrix Energetics and Energetic Synthesis) … as these approaches are excellent for dissolving blocks, resistance and old negative programming. In fast and innovative ways!

I also had a spontaneous kundalini awakening (if being dedicated to personal growth for decades counts as spontaneous) … following an interesting ‘contact’ experience which I’ve begun to discuss publicly.

The Practical Energy Work step-by-step explains what the ‘right-brain’ is and how to successfully interact with it for a more balanced, exciting and novel life. Chances are you already have been using your right-brain extensively, however may not be consciously aware of how you are doing that and what your own unique ways of accessing it are. Right-brain awareness is also surprisingly useful in the business arena too (I use it all the time in my process work with groups and individuals).


In this course I explain and demo the methods I use in my own life and in my work with others … and get you seamlessly using them too! We cover this terrain over 15 online sessions, delivered by live, interactive webinars. All webinars are recorded for easy playback (should you miss a session or want to participate remotely if the class time isn’t convenient for you).

Who This Course Is Designed For:
This online course is designed for Process Professionals, as I attract a lot of consultants, facilitators, trainers, coaches, therapists and the like. However it’s also for ANYONE interested in learning how to simply and effectively connect with your FULLER, WHOLE BRAINED SELF.

Not just for your own benefit but for the benefit of our families, communities and the planet-at-large. Cause it really is time to unite the left/male and right/feminine in our world so humanity can SHIFT to a more balanced and healthy existence! And we do that one dedicated person at a time.

Full Details:
We start Saturday October 29th and run for 15 Saturdays (with breaks along the way for holidays). For full details, including times, outcomes, agenda, who this program is for (and who it decidedly isn’t for), just click the link below.


Our international online cohort is forming: Canada, United States and the United Kingdom so far! Join us for a fascinating foray into Practical Energy Work … to shift your perspective about just how powerful you truly are!

The SHIFT-IT Coach & Process Skills Mentor

P.S. Canadian Currency: My courses are in Canadian currency … the Canadian dollar is low at the moment which means this course, or any of my courses, is a bargain right now (30% off for Americans and some other regions). To check your currency see www.currencyconverter.com.

P.P.S. For the full 2016/17 Course Calendar, click here.

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