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Graphic Facilitation Online Training: Early Bird Gets Worm by Friday

Are you a Process Professional who works with groups and/or individuals? Are you a Visual Thinker who wants to learn more about the medium you naturally prefer?  Or a closet creative who has kept your interests on the low down but is ready to bust out? Early Bird Ends Friday! THE FUNDAMENTALS OF WORKING VISUALLY LIVE… Read more »

Early Birds: Add “Working Visually” To Your Toolkit

We’ve got a great online learning lab coming up this fall which teaches you all the ins and outs of working visually with both groups AND individuals.  And, you can register via the reduced Early Bird rate until Friday, September 8th. For Consultants, Facilitators, Trainers, Coaches, Counselors and other Process Professionals interested in learning leading-edge… Read more »

Tracy Knutson applies her coaching and graphic facilitation skills on a daily basis

TRACY KNUTSEN: SKILLED PROCESS PROFESSIONAL FROM FORT QU’APPELLE  SASKATCHEWAN ADDS WORKING VISUALLY TO HER PRACTICE “I was introduced to the concept of graphic facilitation many years ago through the use of PATHS and MAPS with individuals who have disabilities and their support networks.  Through this work, I gained a sense of both the practicality of… Read more »


ANNUAL SUMMER SALE August 4 – 8, 2017 Ready for your next round of professional and personal growth?! FYI our annual Summer Sale is right around the corner: August 4-8, 2017. Save big on upcoming fall courses, private training and private coaching. Our current times are calling us to all step up as Process Professionals.… Read more »


For Visual Skills Grads The WORKING VISUALLY eCOMMUNITY The Working Visually eCommunity supports you to further hone your outer work in Visual Skills and Business Building.  As becoming a decent Visual Practitioner is all about practice, practice, practice and mileage, mileage, mileage.  And getting suave about marketing, sales and the business side. This eCommunity is… Read more »


Cynthia Stone is a therapist from Colorado who discovered my visual trainings many years ago. Like many, the creativity and unique lifestyle I represented to her, resonated deeply but a busy life snuck in and over a decade flew by. Just when she swung back to graphics, and joined the Visual Coach 2016 cohort, she was diagnosed with cancer. This remarkable woman dialed in from her hospital bed to attend the online classes. I’m pleased to report that she’s recovered her health and that this tenacious woman is also now a Certified Visual Coach. Please join me in wishing her all the best as she steps boldly into private practice!


For Beginners Or Repeaters: FUNDAMENTALS OF WORKING VISUALLY® Visual Skills for Process Work with Groups and Individuals For Process Professionals who work with groups or individuals – managers, consultants, trainers, teachers, facilitators, therapists, coaches, scribes and others. Over 87% of your clients are Visual Thinkers so it only makes logical sense to work in ways… Read more »

Magic Marker Retreat: Advanced Visual Skills and Biz Building

We are 10 days away from my annual in-person retreats in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  We’ve got 3 spots left in the beginner course and just 1 left in the advanced course. While most of my teaching is online nowadays (which works surprisingly well), I still have a soft spot in my heart for… Read more »

Magic Marker Retreat: 2 Days of In-person Masterminding

Most of my client and teaching work is online nowadays … I love the flexibility this brings for both clients and myself. It’s practical, convenient and works surprisingly well for those who can stick with that kind of structure. However, once a year I host two special Visual Skills courses that are IN-PERSON in my… Read more »

EARLY BIRDS: Victoria, BC Early Bird Ends In 3 Hours

Last chance to get best seat for upcoming In-Person Graphic Facilitation Training.  Just 5 Left! FINAL REMINDER: EARLY BIRD ENDS IN JUST A FEW HOURS! Just a quick final reminder for those of you wishing to join us this season for The Fundamentals of Working Visually, In-Person Version. Early Bird registration (with a significant savings) ends… Read more »