[SHIFT-IT Online] Last Minute Joiners Are Welcome, Now …

I’m SOOOOO looking forward to our SHIFT-IT Online start in just 12 hours. The marvel of modern technology that allows us to connect with one another across vast geography (and common desires) never ceases to amaze me … its very cool times we live in for sure!

FYI, last minute joiners are welcome in this transformative program (sometimes its those last minute synchronicities that are so sweet!). So give your resistance the heave-ho and come join us — we’ll get you focused on what you really want in work and/or life (and off of what you don’t) so you get cracking on manifesting a life that is truly satisfying!

Full Details:

This leading-edge program is for people who are ready to Become Your Next Self … in whatever area or combo of areas you want to SHIFT (right livelihood/business, abundance, relationship, body, emotional fulfillment, etc). Perfect if you are at a natural life crossroads or transition period (significant birthday, shift in life stage, separation/divorce, new union, kid shifts, business impact, ready for your next expansion level, etc.).

At The Crossroads

All sessions are recorded for easy playback … so you can access any you miss or participate remotely at your own pace should our session times be inconvenient for your schedule or time zone.

Full Details and Immediate Online Registration:

I look forward to another wonderful SHIFT-IT Cohort … and coaching and supporting those who form our group this time … always trusting in the process of who this is right for this time!

Yours in visual expansion,
Christina Merkley
Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach & Interactive-Visuals Mentor

P.S. Don’t procrastinate on your SHIFT any longer… you CAN do it (plus the world needs more happy and on-purpose people!). Handy repeater option for those who have previously participated and are ready for your next manifestations.

P.P.S. If you receive our emails because of an interest in our innovative use of visuals — check out our upcoming visual programs: Visual Coach Certification and Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals.

SHIFT-IT Online is one of two pre-requisites required for acceptance into Certification. The 2013 Visual Coach cohort begins in April (receiving applications now
— see Combo Package which includes all 3 courses).

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