My Growing Wall

In between Covid restrictions, I got a photographer into my studio lair.

Behind me is some of the Visual Coaching I’ve done this year to assist people with the pandemic and all the other challenges that this time in history brings: racism, family strife, polarization,  lost jobs, economic instability, etc.

I’m doing a lot of free coaching via drop in Process Groups and Individual Sessions.  Come if you could use some solidarity and support.

You can find videos on my YouTube for parallel processing.  Find one that matches your circumstances.  Or, learn about others in different shoes.

For those that do still have the means, private paid work is available through Private Coaching and the Visual Satsangs.  More Satsangs are coming in the new year, I’ll make an announcements on dates soon.

Take good care. Hang in there. This too shall pass.  xo


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